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  1. some tool effects vanish on zoom in

    Had this issue as when I bought the game. before any of the upgrades.
  2. Rowan Slept In

    Feels for me as real life.
  3. UnauthorizedAccessException

    If that doesn't work try to run the application as Administrator.
  4. Morb bug

    Hello kleientertainment, I found a bug with the release of the "outbreak upgrade" When I try to kill a morb all goes well until it should die. When the morb got 0HP it still lives and duplicants freeze in place trying to kill something that doesn't exist but still is alive. This made my game unplayable 2 times in a row now on different save files. Please solve this. Sincerely, lolbroek1611
  5. Missing "about" of Mi-Ma. See screen shot for more information.