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  1. Hi klei, just wanna shout out that I love your games! Anyway I experienced a weird bug while I was playing hamlet. I notice that when I build new doors in a room in my slanty shanty (west and east sections of the room), I would not be able to use my expansion permit on them. What I mean is that while the game acknowledges I have a permit to unlock the door, my character can't "reach" the door to unlock it. He would just keep running against the door carrying the expansion permit and while not being able to use it. I do not have any issue when I try to unlock the door when I build it in the north section of the room. Another note is when I try to hammer these doors built on the west or east sides, the oincs that they drop will drop "outside" of the room and my character is not able to reach it. Do take a look at this issue if you guys have the time