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  1. I didn't say fire, I said to prevent items from burning. You can use poop on smoldering things to stop smoldering without taking Damage. I also just now edited the post so it doesn't confuse anyone else.
  2. With recent light on Wormwood coming to DST, I have had several ideas for changes and his skins. 1. Fire I believe Wormwood should smolder before catching ablaze before burning like everything else in DST, and since poop can be used to smother items that are smoldering, I think Wormwood should be able to fertilize himself with poop to stop the smoldering. I think it would add a way to be able to manage his tendency to burst into flames without having to inconvenience his teammates by burning down the base. This doesn't mean poop should stop fire if he is on fire, but it should stop smoldering just so if you catch it early you're fine. 2. Existing items Wormwoods poison balm could be re-purposed in some way, I'm not sure how exactly but I'm sure there's a way. 3. Skins I assume his skins will all be very unique, but please, please, use his old design for a skin. A majority of the assets are there already. It would be such a good way to use his old design, and a lot of people enjoy it so why not include it? It would personally gaurentee a purchase of a skin if they do use it. Also here is Wormwoods old model sheet for anybody who hasn't seen its glory yet. (Ignore the third arm and what appears to be a third horn) Note: Any ideas in the member suggestions section may or may not mirror my own opinions. I merely put them there so if any devs or influential figures were to see the post, it has a better chance of being considered. I also summarize the suggestions. =Member Suggestions Section!= Suggestion By: Viktor234 Let Poison Balm be a treatment against disease. Suggestion By: ShadowDuelist His healing item (Compost wrap) should be able to be used as fertilizer to instantly grow farms or bushes. Give his armor the same durability as a battle helmet, and make it protect 100% of damage from picking cacti, spiky bushes, or roses. Let his traps do more damage to compensate with DST mobs HP. Make his lose sanity for damage done to plants radius a lot smaller so Wormwood players don't get screwed.
  3. Good idea! I'll make a section in the post that Suggests that, I'll make sure to credit your name too. Mainly doing it so if its viewed by a dev or something it'll have a better chance to be seen.
  4. Okay, so as someone who plays Wortox in their free time, and has noticed Klei has a losing battle with skin mods in the workshop, why not find a way to merge your DST Inventory and let the players use skins/characters there? Wortox is registered as a Inventory item, and then people wouldn't want to not only port him, but also they wouldn't have a need for skin mods. If steam doesn't provide a way to merge the inventories, find a way by linking your Klei account to both games, Although this has a high chance of not getting in, I still wanted to throw my hat into the ring of solutions. Maybe a merged inventory could even let the game detect if you own a DLC via some sort of unique inventory item, possibly providing a solution about dividing the communities about DLC. Food for thought.
  5. I like the ideas suggested here, but my only problem with any of the suggestions is a screamer. Even though it most likely could be predicted, it could cause anxiety in people who have problems with it, like myself. I personally already need to use a mod to disable the insanity sounds, because it makes me get lightheaded due to anxiety. All the other ideas here though are good.
  6. My Friend Bought me the "All Gorge chest survivor" skins, and It says I own it, but the skins aren't in my cabinet, and the chest isn't in my treasury, My username is A_Pufferfish , I really wanna get these skins
  7. If you craft scaled flooring, it makes 6 scaled turf, and then you can use a deconstruction staff on it to get basically infinite scales if you just keep using scales to re-craft it.
  8. My steam inventory has a secondary pirate birdcage, and I wanted to know why this is. (I mean im not saying fix this, but Im just kinda curious) I feel special when I have this.