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  1. So there has been a lot of mixed opinions on the Woodie rework. So I'm going to give my opinion on the good, the bad, and how to fix it. -The Good- I like the new forms as an idea and they have potential in my eyes. Werebeaver Same Old same old, I have minor gripes but that'll be in the bad Goose I like the speed, but It needs some help. Moose The best form currently in my opinion, I like the music and the strength it brings. But It also needs work Base Woodie: Best part in my opinion, I like how the log meter is gone so I don't need to be worry about how many logs I chop. -The Bad- Werebeaver I am able to collect about 1/4 of the logs I used to be able to get, which is a huge issue for Woodie Goose Its too short and it's easily outranked by other characters like WX-78 when it comes to speed Moose Also too short, and it feels like a small bit weak and I need to run away too often from fights -Fixing The Issues- Werebeaver Let us fill our meter by gnawing logs, if we had that the form would be perfect (to me at least) Goose Make running fill the meter so you can be in the form, and give it the ability to fly for short distances (Right click and goose will fly to cursor) Moose Moose should refill the meter via combat, give it slightly higher resistance or higher HP when in Moose form, and give it some way to heal (Maybe consecutive jabs like Wigfrid has, or maybe a passive Heal like Wilba. Woodie can be a great character, but Klei needs to listen to the fans. If you have anything I should change, please tell me! Try and help me get this post popular enough so we can have Klei fix Woodie for the better. Thanks for Reading!
  2. Kinda reminds me of the Gecko thingies on the lunar island.
  3. With Locomotion, if there is swimming, how will it be explained? Woodies quote for a pond says he can't swim, and it's not like he gains some new knowledge temporarily.
  4. My Friend Bought me the "All Gorge chest survivor" skins, and It says I own it, but the skins aren't in my cabinet, and the chest isn't in my treasury, My username is A_Pufferfish , I really wanna get these skins
  5. If you craft scaled flooring, it makes 6 scaled turf, and then you can use a deconstruction staff on it to get basically infinite scales if you just keep using scales to re-craft it.
  6. My steam inventory has a secondary pirate birdcage, and I wanted to know why this is. (I mean im not saying fix this, but Im just kinda curious) I feel special when I have this.