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  1. I mean, it's clearly not intended to make infinite scales from 1.
  2. Right, So I know not everyone will like this idea, but a proposed idea to fix the scaled flooring duplication glitch would be to add a "Scale Shard" (or whatever) and it would take 6 to make a whole scale, only obtainable by deconstructing scaled flooring.
  3. I was playing a Solo world and I was experiencing extreme connection lag during the daytime in winter, which is unusual, so I checked my internet speed and it's normal, and I even tried making a new world in offline mode, and I still had the poor connection. I've never had this issue in the past. If there's any files that could help just tell me what i'd need to send and where to find it.
  4. Right, so in the trailer screenshot we see Walter enter some abandoned household with a radio on the table, I believe this to be Wilsons house, and he goes in and the Radio tells him to go upstairs and flip the machines lever. Just my hot take tho.
  5. My Suggestion: Click and Hold Mechanics What it does: Click and Hold mechanics would revolutionize cooking and crafting in a simple way, currently, to cook mass amounts of food, you need to spam click, not only hurting your fingers, but also possibly causing damage to your mouse, But Click and Hold mechanics could make it so you click and hold so your character will keep cooking, but you only need to hold the button in, instead of spam clicking. Example: Old Cooking System: 40 Berries need to be cooked, you need to click 40 times to cook all of them. Click and Hold System: 40 Berries need to be cooked, you click once and just hold your mouse to continuously cook. This mechanic could be applied for mass crafting, and possibly even be brought to DS RoG/Ham/SW. (I wanted to bring my idea to the forums so I could get feedback from other players here)
  6. My Friend Bought me the "All Gorge chest survivor" skins, and It says I own it, but the skins aren't in my cabinet, and the chest isn't in my treasury, My username is A_Pufferfish , I really wanna get these skins
  7. If you craft scaled flooring, it makes 6 scaled turf, and then you can use a deconstruction staff on it to get basically infinite scales if you just keep using scales to re-craft it.
  8. My steam inventory has a secondary pirate birdcage, and I wanted to know why this is. (I mean im not saying fix this, but Im just kinda curious) I feel special when I have this.