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  1. thanks for answer. we can play DST without MOD, but some MODs, including language pack, are very useful. so, we solved this issue by changing host and client(i'm client previously) very sad to lost that server: almost 130 days survived, but satisfied with can exploring cave. playing DST for client later, i'll attempt your advice. my english is too bad, i hope so you understand this post.
  2. We make new server without any MODS, but still can't enter the cave. should i delete all MODS folder?
  3. server mode : online only friends. game mod : survival pw : none make this server contain cave option, host can enter the cave but client can't. if client enter the cave(sinkhole), display 'Connecting...' message a few second and client disconnect after 'Server not responding' message appears. why it happen? i try to solve this issue, disable firewall, port fording 10998 port(it seems that cave server is using 10998 port), run don't starve.exe administrator option.. but not anything works. i attach all log files what i can, please check this out. and you need more information, i'll provide everything. client_log(host's).txt server_log(cave).txt server_log(master).txt client_log.txt