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  1. Positive sides of Hamlet

    The new characters are 10 times better than the ones we got from SW. The bosses are cool and interesting, they don't respawn though.
  2. I don't see it as a matter of failed expectations. The community agreed long time ago that certain aspects of the DLC don't work very well, like the seasons for example. Between 2 and 3 months were spent trying to debug into existence multiroom houses, houses in other worlds and the beefalo riding system: features that can be seen only as extras, while the core gameplay of the DLC, with all its porblem, remained unchanged.
  3. 2. The dangerous end-game content is the aporkalipse, even if it adds very little to the game world. The only thing that makes the volcano dangerous is the ultra bugged altar that makes the eruptions inconsistent and unpredictable. 3. Hamlet has endgame craftables, the problem is that the endgame craftables are already in the game as soon as you spawn into the world: pig cities, endgame content that lets you buy endgame gear on day 1. That's nitpicking. 1. and WereWilba transformation is a mess. 2. You can craft a turf with it. 3. That's cool. 1. I agree. 2. No need. Get rid of the pig cities, give the key to an endgame boss (in the ancient pig ruins, why not) and let the players rebuild the cities. I already foresee that no one will like this idea but I think that end game content should be available only in the end game phase of the game. 3. Even if you don't want to count wagstaff as a Hamlet character, 3 unique characters like Wilba, Wormwood and Wheeler are worth 12 SW characters.
  4. It feels like Hamlet was meant to be a DLC where resources were scarse and you needed to spend a lot of time exploring just to get them, in reality you can buy most of the items with oincs you earned by pruning hedges. As it is now for me Hamlet is a failure in both concept and execution.
  5. Wilba turns into werepig even if she's in the caves/ruins when the full moon comes out. Going from ruins to cave reverts her to her normal form again (just like when she enters a cave from the surface), I haven't tested the other way (cave->ruins).
  6. In one of the latest patch it has been made possible to craft stuff from other worlds, like for example the obsidian firepit in RoG. My idea was to make so that blueprint sharing between dlcs can only be unlocked after you jumped into the teleportato at least once. I edited my first post, I hope it is more clear now.
  7. It always bothered me the lack of exploitation by Klei of the teleportato (and adventure mode) mechanic, it could be the gateway to a "New game +" but it's so basic you can't even re-customize your new world. Since there is no way to make a world dlc compatible after its creation and the latest dlcs are always compatible with the older ones, my idea was to lock the dlc stuff ( like obsidian firepit in RoG, and many other blueprints that it is now possible to craft in every world )behind the teleportato. Pros: - Purer dlc experience. - Teleportato is finally useful. Cons: - Conflicts to solve (what happens when you use sky/sea worthy? What happens to the key to the city). - Gotta search for those things. The days where resources were finite are long gone so the teleportato feels more useless that ever right now. Thoughts?
  8. The game forces you to do things all the time, this is not minecraft creative mode. This game is not meant to be a mega base simulator. I can assure you that there will be no post apocalyptic scenario if you nerf 2 ingridients and literally 3 recipes; not remove, not destroy, NERF.
  9. ??????? The game forces you to eat, it might be a good idea to make the process engaging. You are forced to chop trees for wood and to mine boulders for rock, you can't survive if you don't do that. I can't see why you shouldn't actively search for food.
  10. I don't know why you think I want people to struggle to survive. Recipes are useless if you have 2 of them that can feed you all year long from day 5 to day 5000. Hunting for food should be part of the game; koalefants, tallbirds, beefalos, fishes, no one bothers hunting them because all you need to craft the best recipes are moleworms, spiders and hounds. We ate meatballs in DS, we ate meatballs in Rog, we ate meatballs in SW and we are eating meatballs in Hamlet, where we will eat meatballs next time?
  11. Well it's a shame because with each dlc we get more and more recipes that no one ever bothers to craft. In the pianted biome there is a lot of gold littered around, and pith hat and bird trap can be bought from the shops in the second city for too few coins. Imo basic structures like birdcage and crock pot shouldn't get you straight into the end game, where food is not a problem. Berry bush farms are a problem too but at least they require a minimum maintenance, don't work in winter and have a chance to spawn gobblers. That's a good idea, I'd push it even further to 3 meals a day of any type so we can get rid of the egg refresh mechanic that makes eggs the ultimate food.
  12. I don't want food to be useless, I want it to be interesting. Monster meat and meat recipes are just too OP right now. Recipes can be nerfed in a lot of ways: % of getting monster lasagna or wet goop, cooking time, stricter ingridients list. In RoG? Yes you are. In SW? also. Hamlet? we don't even know if it's implemented or not. I'm not against eating the same food over and over again, I just want the easiest ingridients to find not to be used to cook the best food in the game. Asparagus soup is an amazing solution to the problem, imagine a recipe like that for eggs or other too easy to find ingridients.
  13. Hello Cooking something that is not one of the 4 or 5 top tier food feels like a waste of time and resources. I find myself surviving on a meatballs only diet for weeks just because I farmed silk and hound teeth for a sewing kit. There's always too much monster meat around and the 1 to 1 conversion of it into eggs you get from the caged bird make it so you really need nothing else. My opinion is that the efficiency of some of the crock pot recipes could be better tuned so that players are encouraged to go out and do things nobody does right now, like fishing for example ( jk : P ). It might be also useful to rethink the monster meat drop rate and the 1 meat to 1 egg conversion you get from the caged bird but that's for another time. Let me know what you think!
  14. Hi At the moment there is no sanity drain in the dark when inside a ancient pig ruin, not even during the night. It looks like a bug to me but I decided to ask for opinions here since it's not reported in the bug tracker even if it's easy to spot.