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  1. Big Event #2? Lets theorise!

    Maybe Event 2 could be about Pugna's retaliation, an invasion from Forge to the world of DS or a new place to conquer
  2. Unused Mushroom Inventory Icons

    Don't blame me for that mistake, blame the autocorrection of my phone. Awesome but sad at the same time because we may never have this boss together with The Slipstor
  3. Unused Mushroom Inventory Icons

    I heard some rumors about the snowman but I didn't believe until now. An amazing Kelp Guard something that I never knew.(that's one more on the list that klei most add) A mushroom tree seed... Something interesting
  4. Throughout a youtuber since 2013. It's a long and sad history.
  5. I didn't know one could make a cage with skeletons. Or is it with odd skeletons?
  6. Stag Antlers are a key...?

    Maybe you are just over thinking... Just saying
  7. No matter what you give Them, They will never be satisfied.
  8. Nothing in Don't Starve is easy, even when klei give you a permanent-food store is not easy to know which one have what
  9. So we have to wait even more than two months.
  10. i don't remember because after every tragedy a take a shot of whiskey and to pass away of the stress..
  11. Yeah you're right but they can always delay it ( I'm GTA fan I'm used to delays) but no pressure they can take all the time. I can wait
  12. When is Hamlet going to come out? Since the a new year has started at least Klei could give us a date.
  13. [Game Update] - 247542

    What is a penglet? Some new permanent mob? Or just for this season?