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  1. Water baby beefalo when?

    It took them a year to add new things. Maybe in June and don't get you hopes up by then. This ain't a joke.
  2. [Game Update] - 245789

    Nothing again? Maybe next year ...or the next one.
  3. [Game Update] - 243968

    Nothing added again... What a bad day I had
  4. Journal - 100 Day Challenge

    Maybe those mod are unnecessary but mods are what takes the best of don't starve
  5. They still need to add the poison frog and many others things
  6. Are there Water Beefalo babies?

    Poster? I haven't seem it
  7. [Game Update] - 243469

    Nothing new yet ? :'(
  8. Again another update of Together? Pls Devs give Shipwrecked some love.
  9. [Game Update] - 239100

    Nothing added this month. Disappointing more than that is actually depressing
  10. Are Rainbow Jelly Fish Overpowered?

    The rainbow jellyfish shouldn't shock you, after all it's counterpart IRL is The Golden Jellyfish. Golden Jellyfish is like mobile seaweed, it doesn't have tentacle that shock you. It will be dumb change this
  11. What do YOU hate about Don't Starve?

    Removed item. That can only be acquired by mods. Items like long pig, skull chest, truffles, slipstor (in this case not added "yet"), wheat and some structures. I forgot to add deadly feast and the uselessness of Winona
  12. Don't Starve Most Frightening Moments

    My first summer... I lost at least 3/4 of my base and half of my loot.
  13. Sea Yard is a bit slow

    There's always mods that can improve some aspects of the game. If you feel that the sea yard lacks repairing rate use a mod if not... well you will have to bear with it. Klei hardly changes something in the game... For good.
  14. Wait you need to be in your boat to be repair by the sea yard? I though you could leave your damage boat and use a full health boat and come back and change back... I guess that not the case in this situation.
  15. The Slipstor. An ancient creature mentioned since the beginning. A legendary creature that haven't been added up until this day. Not even with mods can be added. I don't know why Klei hasn't added the Slipstor yet. He looks awesome. I want to know what Klei thinks from this creature and why haven't been added.