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  1. What do YOU hate about Don't Starve?

    Removed item. That can only be acquired by mods. Items like long pig, skull chest, truffles, slipstor (in this case not added "yet"), wheat and some structures. I forgot to add deadly feast and the uselessness of Winona
  2. Don't Starve Most Frightening Moments

    My first summer... I lost at least 3/4 of my base and half of my loot.
  3. Sea Yard is a bit slow

    There's always mods that can improve some aspects of the game. If you feel that the sea yard lacks repairing rate use a mod if not... well you will have to bear with it. Klei hardly changes something in the game... For good.
  4. Wait you need to be in your boat to be repair by the sea yard? I though you could leave your damage boat and use a full health boat and come back and change back... I guess that not the case in this situation.
  5. The Slipstor. An ancient creature mentioned since the beginning. A legendary creature that haven't been added up until this day. Not even with mods can be added. I don't know why Klei hasn't added the Slipstor yet. He looks awesome. I want to know what Klei thinks from this creature and why haven't been added.
  6. Maybe you befriended a ballphin and it saved you... I don't know. That's the only explanation that comes to my mind. It happened in the This week stream in twitch where the sound guy effect was playing as Woodlegs and his ship was taken down by some shadow creatures and was teleported to the nearest island when he was befriend some ballphin.
  7. I keep thinking that We Will have a new character in Hamlet and Maybe it would be a pigman character but the full moon could destroy the concept even from the get go. The king Pig doesn't transform when is full moon maybe this new character could not be affected by the moon so that should be fine for some person who doesn't want to transform in a werepig...
  8. About some real caves in Shipwrecked ?

    That should have benn added from the beginning. Btw Nice suggestion! Hopely Klei will read this
  9. Tar, not that useful.

    I believe that with the rainbow jellyfish you can recharge the lantern and boat lantern
  10. Sooo... In Hamlet DLC, how many here in the forum believe that we are going to get a new character "pigman character". Would you want a pigman character? If yes how would you like to be his perks.
  11. Is Hamlet Seriously Not Part of Together?

    Maybe they will add a a portal in RoG to go to Hamlet. This is what I want
  12. Klaus's gender?

    I want to know who sew his only eye
  13. Amazing so many good things But so many question...
  14. Winona confirmed perks

    What? She is less useful than some mod character. I mean there more balance and useful out there tahn Winona. What a Massive Disappointment
  15. Meet Winona!

    What is a Fumigator?