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  1. Example of inner bulk of material having flat texture.
  2. Started a new game using previously used world seed(1427474797) and noticed a graphical bug on mac version now. When zoomed in an area of material the inner blocks are flat color, no texture. Edges of an area of material have normal texture.
  3. The latest patch on 6/5 seems to have resolved this. You rock!
  4. Will upload when I get home this evening.
  5. Updated to the Cosmic preview branch and started a new base. The dups, liquids, and gases show up fine. However, everything else is blacked out, some stuff is brown but mostly black. I have a 2015 macbook pro and run ONI on both the MAC OS and bootcamp Window10 and run on that occasionally. Checked the update on the windows 10 side and no graphical issues. I did not have this issue on the MAC OS side on the Ranching updates. Best Regards
  6. Started new game and water was visible. Around cycle 7 the water graphics (water, polluted water) disappeared. There is water present just now invisible.Game save attached. Reloading game did not restore the water graphics for me. In Committee.sav
  7. I cant see where the gases are as that overlay moves differently to the actual tile below. Will try and get a screen shot.
  8. Hello, I started a new game using the automation update preview. When I put any overlay on (ex atmosphere or temperatures) is not aligned with the tiles. Also the overlay scrolls at different speed than underlying tiles. Very weird.