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  1. It's not game breaking or anything, but the icons of the custom items that my character spawns with don't show up in character select. Am I missing a file or a line of code? Their inventory icons do show up once I spawn, so I don't know why they don't show up in this screen. I'll leave the luas of both items attached as well just in case. gutsybat.lua pklifeup.lua
  2. I'll try to use the code from Lucy's prefab but if it doesnt work I happened to find this block of code on one of the mods I have that does exactly what you said. If anyone is wondering from which mod it's from, here's the link to its workshop site
  3. Hi so I want to make like 2 custom items for my character mod, but I want them to never be able to leave his inventory. I've seen mods that make things not be able to be unequipped but I want it to be able to be switched out for other stuff, I just don't want other characters using the weapon. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I ended up declining the commission of the user above me because they kept hurrying/nagging me when they couldve just kept checking the waitlist post... Please don't do that or I'll tell you to find someone else.
  5. This may be very minor, but if anyone could help me I'd be very grateful. Anyone knows how I can make Wickerbottom's spell books readable for this character only on full moon? I know how i can make him be able to craft them. Also, he's a kangaroo/rabbit hybrid, so extra inventory space referencing the pouches kangaroos have would be nice, does anyone know where I can change this, of it's even possible? I know backpacks and things like chester give more inventory, but im talking about like, the inherent one the character has, without any pets or any backpacks. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. THE WAITLIST FOR COMMISSIONS IS CLOSED. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED KEEP TRACK OF WHEN I OPEN IT AGAIN. Hello! I thought I'd post my commission info here, so here I am! Here's some examples of my work (This last one ended up getting two custom items and a new voice! They were added after the video was recorded, I may make a new one to show the new details) The base price for a mod, which includes art, portrait, perks and basic coding is 175 USD! Please keep in mind that I'm not very skilled with scripting. Don't be too ambitious with the perks. THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE CUSTOM ANIMATIONS, NOR DO I MAKE CUSTOM ANIMATIONS AT ALL. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR CUSTOM ANIMATIONS. For custom items, it's 10 USD each! This includes weapons and equipment too, I can make any type of item unless it's too complex or not similar to any existing one in game in terms of function. I don't write custom dialogues, if you want custom dialogue you'll have to edit the speech file yourself and then send it to me. I won't start working on the commission until I receive full payment! For me to work efficiently, I'll need: - A reference sheet of your character, or reference images for front, profile and back views. It's okay if you don't have back or profile view images however. - A description of their perks and how they work so I know how to implement them. - If they have custom items, references of them as well. I can draw: - Humans - Furries - Robots - Basically anything as long as their design is not too cluttered If you need the mod to be done before a certain date, please commission me at least a month or two beforehand! I'm studying uni right now so I might not be able to finish it in time if I only have a few weeks to make it. I WILL POST MY FINISHED WORK ON THE WORKSHOP! If you want it to be private, I'll ask for 15-20 USD more. I will only take my payment via PAYPAL! If you're interested, please add me on discord and we will discuss it there! Noir#9567 I have a waitlist right now, here it is: Thank you for reading!
  7. Oh. I just fixed it somehow. I'll just leave the lua here so ppl can use it as reference sometime i guess. For anyone wondering, I just tried making it look more like the tentaclespike.lua file, by repositioning some stuff, and adding certain things. I keep making threads just to find the solution myself shortly after, lol! Sorry about that, hope this helps someone at least shotknife.lua
  8. Hi! I've been working on a new mod for a commissioner of mine, and so far everything seems fine, but when I test it on worlds with caves the custom weapon of that character refuses to spawn with the command DebugSpawn, and when I craft it the character holds it and can use it but it's invisible on the inventory and cant be selected (also the animation when attacking glitches out and makes the character's arm invisible along with the weapon itself). I also can't pick it up pressing space when I debug spawn it. I checked if all clients require mod in modinfo.lua was set to true and it is, so I have no idea what might be the problem. I've tried it also when playing on offline mode and on local and it just doesn't wanna work. I also tried uploading it to workshop to see if that happened to fix it, but to no avail. This also didn't happen to me on my first mod where I added a custom healing item. No idea what might be causing it honestly. Any help is truly appreciated, I'll attach a couple of files that may be the cause. "bloodshot" is the character, "shotknife" is the weapon. bloodshot.lua shotknife.lua modinfo.lua modmain.lua
  9. Hi, I've been having a problem with how to "construct" my in game character art. Let me explain what I'm trying to accomplish. My character wears a tuxedo, one that has long "tails" that are supposed to be visible from behind the legs of the character when he's facing the camera; they hide his legs when he's facing behind, and they're sort of flat in the side view. My problem is that I don't really know where to draw the tails. If I draw them on the pelvis part they'll hide his legs no problem on the back view, but then they'll also hide them in the front view. Same happens if I use the torso. If I use the tail part, or one of the parts, not only does it have a really skewed animation that just looks odd with the tuxedo tails, but it also does NOT disappear when wearing clothes I've unlocked in game. The tail parts do seem to fulfill my vision of how i want the tails to look in relation to the legs and all, but it has those other two problems that are just frustrating. Recently, I tried using the skirt part, but it basically has the same god forsaken problem the pelvis and torso parts have. I've looked into trying to modify the z-order of things, but it seems no matter where you do it it's pretty much impossible to change it. So... what do i do? I've been trying to find a character mod that has done something similar to what I want to do, so if any of you guys know one it'd be pretty sweet if you could share it with me. Also, if I need to just modify the animations somehow I wouldn't mind trying, but I really don't want to redo them all when I really just want to change the layering... I'll leave an image of what I want to accomplish here. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  10. I know I may be late but did you move the hair in spriter and then saved the project?
  11. Hi so a little update to this, I managed to implement technically all of the perks! I changed my idea for the darkness manipulation, i managed to make him be able to craft nightmare fuel in exchange for his health (so i don't need the amulet anymore). With this same method I implemented the "blood" I suppose. I still have an issue with it, though. Since the blood is gonna heal the same amount as the honey poultice, I just made him able to craft honey poultice with his health, which makes the item show up as the honey poultice and have the same name. I wanted to change at least the image, but I didn't know how. I tried making an inventoryitems folder with the new image (in .tex, and i also created the .xml file since the autocompiler didnt), but the game sort of just ignored it. So I still have an issue with that, idk if i'll need to create an entirely different item for this. I used this thread as a guide for that. As for the health regen, I took some code from this mod. So basically I just need help with the healing item now. I'm trying to look for a guide for making custom inventory items but I haven't gotten any luck finding any. Update, again. Managed to fix my last issue with the inventory item. The way I managed to get it working was very messy and I visited many threads and took the useful things from them to implement to my item mod. I used this thread for getting the item to at least show up (I removed all the code involving it being an equippable item and I didnt include the swap animation thing since this is a basic inventory item that does not require that), if you look through its pages you'll see someone asking about the name of the item, so i fixed that issue in that same thread too, took some other lines of code posted there for the examination description and recipe description. After that whole deal I just couldn't make the image to show up on the recipe tab, and I fixed it taking the code from the modmain.lua posted on this other thread. So yeah. I suppose I should've just looked harder through the forum before making this thread. Sorry about that. I'll keep this up just cuz I think it could help someone else.
  12. What if I want my character to craft an item with the same effects as an existing one, but I want it to have a custom image and name?? Do I have to create a completely different item for this?
  13. Hello, so I got back into DST a few days ago after like 2 years of not playing, and I decided to make a mod right away since it was something I wanted to do even back then but couldn't for various reasons. I've made the art, and I've renamed him and changed his stats. I basically just need to add the perks and I'll be done with the in-game stuff. I made him using esctemplate btw. The perks I wrote are as follows: 1.Goes insane easily. 2.Blood thirsty. 3.Small stomach, but goes hungry much slower. 4.Can heal people with his blood, his own wounds heal faster. 5.Can manipulate darkness. For the 1st one I just set his max sanity low. For the 2nd one I just set the damage multiplier to 5, but I still need to test it for balancing purposes. I start needing help with the 3rd one, because I can set his max hunger low, but I have no idea how to make it deplete more slowly. For the 4th one, I probably need to add a character exclusive item that heals others but requires you to use your own health (wont affect max health though), sort of like the telltale heart but it just heals health instead of reviving people. And for the health regen, I wanted it to go faster but without it depleting more hunger, I don't know if that's possible though. For the 5th one, I was thinking of making a nightmare amulet that never breaks, but again, I don't know how to go about it. Any help is appreciated a whole bunch, thank you!!
  14. okay so um, everytime I try to check out how the character looks in game, it's just invisible, there's nothing there, I figured out how to change the character's dialogues, but I just can't see the character in game. It can be attacked and all, idk why it doesn't appear.