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  1. *Runs for his life for all the bad things I've said about Chipotle over the years* Looks really good! They're all super expressive, and I love it. Also I really gotta get around to Danganronpa one of these days, I swear...
  2. Ban watermelen671 for making bans that are too complex for newer posters to understand.
  3. I was playing the beta when a few things happened in a short time span from one another: When I was fishing in a shoal near my base, I got attacked by a Crocodog. I looked on the wiki, and apparently Sea Hounds are supposed to attack you when you do this. Is this a bug, or intentional? I had a Crocodog wave hit soon thereafter, and after some totally expertly done and not near death maneuvering, I managed to shake them off my tail. I returned to land to put stuff away, then came back to my boat to find two Sea Hounds there instead of Crocodogs. I checked my map (which has a mod that displays mob positions, including Crocodogs and Sea Hounds) to find that they were all suddenly Sea Hounds. On top of the Crocodogs turning to Sea Hounds, one of the first two I spotted was swimming on the island! I have no idea how this happened, but it did. I studied its behavior and found: It was completely neutral to me on land, no matter how close to it I got. When I got on my boat, it aggroed onto me, but was unable to pass the shore barrier. When I left my boat, it deaggroed once more. When I hit it, it retaliated. When it bit at me, it dealt full damage to my health. That's all that I've noticed thus far, other than this incident my game has been pretty stable and glitch free!