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  1. If Klei will listern to SJW or politics, they would soon have to remove Wilson, Wolfgang, Maxwell and even their Canadian fellow lumberjack Woodie. Then politically correct employees will start looking at Webber, asking what skin color boy inside the spider has.
  2. Consider it like printer purchasing. Machine itself is rather cheap and company sells it without profit, but makes money later on cartridges.
  3. Every character rework will compete with each other in terms of how much damage you can deal and avoid/sustain (Bosses and PvP) compared to Wolfgang, how effective you are at managing base or building boss arenas opposed to Wickerbottom or is it easier to survive overall like WX having higher stats while being buffed on demand by Wicker. Webber has icon design character reworks should be build around. He unique playstyle, has manageble disadvantages and also minor perks. His spider army combat potential is alternative to rabbit farms, being a monster denies him certain interactions with pig and Bunnymen. Eating monster meat, having a silk beard are some minor, but usefull for new players perks, that don't break game difficulty design. Winona catapults just overpower anything Spider army can offer vs most bosses making kills easy and guaranteed. If you had to operate catapult yourself or by any other player, you could even buff its damage if needed, but creating fields of automatic catapults just makes it unfair to other characters, making power creep deeper and more difficult to balance with every character rework.
  4. [Game Update] - 284571

    Yes, Mr Bones, Kirk and Spock don't need your service, since they got guys in red (and other color) shirts produced at bio printer now.