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  1. Today I've started running into this problem when starting the game, it just gets stuck in the "Klei" loading screen at the beginning of the game, but you can still hear the main menu music playing in the background, and you can even press main menu buttons, but you cant actually see anything other than the "Klei" screen, what do i do? I've tried reinstalling the game, removing all the mods i had, and verifying integrity of game files, I'm not sure what else to try.. Edit: The game used to work perfectly yesterday, been playing it for 718 hours now without any problems at all until now, my drivers are also up to date according to GeForce Experience
  2. Prince Pufts sometimes simply stop moving, supposedly for pooping out slime but they actually never do it, instead they just freeze in their idle animation until they starve, they dont excete slime nor eggs, they just stay there I tried teleporting them around with alt+q in debug mode but they still don't do anything, one time i moved one in liquid and it started moving, excreting slime and then laying an egg, moved it back to where it was stuck at and it was acting normally, am i doing something wrong?
  3. Oh and reloading the game fixes the issue, but still a bug nonetheless
  4. So i was playing normally, the shine bugs emitted light normally and stuff, then i loaded another save file because i wanted to check something out and test a system i was doing, and then i loaded the file i was originally playing and the shine bugs weren't emitting any light at all, just like in the image attached Note: The save file i loaded was from a cosmic upgrade preview version, it might have something to do with it, im not sure, but the file i was origlnally playing is from the live version (I started it a few hours ago)
  5. They still exist but i think they are more rare than they used to be, i used debug mode and they're kind of far away from the starting area
  6. Now i enabled Debug mode because why not and..
  7. How do i even begin to explain, just look at the image
  8. I actually didn't think of that lmao, i already made the regular wire go around the heavi watt ones already, but still why did power go through it even without the wire?
  9. Update, power seems to be passing through, but low amounts of it
  10. Title says it all, power passes through the transformer to the wires even though it says the transformer is disconnected And im not exactly sure, but i think power from the batteries isn't being consumed either, but don't trust me on this one Nothing game-breaking but still