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  1. Gas shutoff doesn't use power when active (although it needs power to work) and the Gaseous element sensor doesn't even need a wire to be connected to work.
  2. Natural Gas Geyser spawns

    Since the Tubular Upgrade I have noticed that the game only spawns 1 Nat Gas Geyser, I haven't seen anything official about this so I'm assuming it's a bug. Sometimes there will be 2 of them, but then there is no Chlorine Geyser.
  3. Panning issue

    If Alt+Tab is pressed while holding either the middle or the right mouse button the camera will instantly pan somwhere else, if most of the map is not discovered it can be very disorienting because all you see is black
  4. Calorie Count

    When the amount of calories is over 2,147,484 the counter gets stuck on "-2,147,484."
  5. Sometimes Duplicants leave teir exosuits on the ground and I have to micromanage that by requesting an exosuit every time one is dropped.
  6. Hatches

    Upon delivery of Bagged Hatches to the Animal Relocator, they automatically get buried into a closest natural tile direcly underneath the Relocator. If there are artificial tiles under the Relocator the Hatch will "teleport" to the closest natural tile underneath, no matter how far away.
  7. I have started working on a croatian translation for the game, and I'm wondering if the game supports special letters from my language.