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  1. World creation will hang upwards of 20 mins. I like larger maps, especially in Hamlet, but the time to create the world takes too long. Any way to speed it up?
  2. Can they be so aggressive that the game needs a full reinstall, because he said he verified game files first before reinstalling?
  3. Interesting, I was having a lot of the same problems over the weekend. Is this with DLC like Shipwrecked or Hamlet? I traced back the issue to mods having incompatible api_versions. Not sure how it all works but my suspicion is that game files will be changed to accommodate api_versions and create conflicts that way. You can check the mod_info files in all of your mods, or older mods will show that they are out of date in-game. The solution of course would be to use mods that only use api_version = 6.
  4. I just published my first mod here: I was using some old code as reference and originally published it at api_version=3. I then added some code for debug keys GLOBAL.CHEATS_ENABLED = true GLOBAL.require( 'debugkeys' ) and the game started crashing a lot. I forgot I had made these changes before trying updating api_version=6. So the game kept crashing on api_version=6 and after I removed the debug keys code and presumably fixed the mod, the game continues to force disabling my mod even after force enabling in modsettings because it crashed earlier. All of these problems go away when I change api_version back to 3 and 5 (didn't check 4). No idea what's going on after hours of troubleshooting, which is silly for one of the simplest mods that can exist. I'm content now with my mod showing up as outdated due to api_version=5, but I'd like to eventually resolve this. Thanks for the help!
  5. Lights will not obey their machine.ison state when run through the interiorspawner component upon transitions into interiors. Adding if v.Light and v.components.machine and not v.components.machine.ison then v.Light:Enable(false) end To around line 1262 to scripts/components/interiorspawn.lua seems to resolve the problem for not only lanterns but all lights that can be toggled, e.g. tarlamp.
  6. Willow's lighter does not relight upon transition from interior to interior or interior to exterior. The instance of the lighterfire prefab upon equipping is not initialized with the"INTERIOR_LIMBO_IMMUNE") tag. Therefore, the lighterfire prefab does not survive interior limbo like a torch would. This change can be made in the scripts/prefab/lighter.lua file, adding the line to add the tag after line 25.
  7. Lanterns will produce the same light radius as if they are on in cave clefts when left on the ground. Issue resolves when turned back on and off again, but then the burning lantern sound still plays in the dark.
  8. You can get guards to help as well as other aggressive mobs. Also if you dodge and stand still for a while they'll fly in a pattern that they only attack one at a time from.
  9. Thunderbird lightning

    I have the same problem and this is not just the lightning strikes that are supposed to happen during humid season, they are happening when the sun is shining and their's no rain or fog.
  10. I'm having the same issue. Not sure how to increase visibility of this bug.
  11. I tried putting an advanced farm in my house. I was able to plant a seed and the crop displayed as normal. After leaving then returning to my house the farm is empty, missing the crop and the white fencing. The option to hammer is no longer visible, so it's stuck in my house. It'd be cool if farms could work indoors.