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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi I am trying to write a character mod Youmu from Touhou *Youmu is cute, but speeches are not completed (original from Wilson) *Youmu has a sword (the sword has light at night, I really need some advice on how to turn the light off unintentionalsly) --- the sword hits spawn butterflies or anything you can changes in the prefab roukanken.lua --- the damage is 5*axe damage --- I don't know if this is balance or not :)), some additional feature ideas for the sword should be great ! *she has a recipe for making dumplings Health 200 Hunger 150 Sanity 200 Walkspeed 5 Runspeed 7 The mod still have some perks and Ideas that are not completed, the big potrait artwork was from the Internet, also the dumpling I need some advice and comments on my first mod *The light on the sword : I still don't know how to fix or if it create a feature instead of the a bug Youmu is base on the character mod esctemplate from Dleowolf, tks also to Cherrios for his tutorial
  2. you may want to take a look at this post for the SkateBoard, i think you can reference the boat in ShipwreckDLC and what do you mean by reskin and rename, did you compile your .scml? :)) Good day
  3. the TexConverter in download can help you resize the image, the pivot point in spriter are usually top left or center, resize with respect to the pivot well you can still rename build.bin for SetBuild("") this is possible for now if you really want to make SetBank("") neat to your preference make a local variable in tut03.lua like: local my_healin_salve = "big_healin_salve" anim:SetBank(my_healin_salve) p/s as I tried again, renaming "big_healin_salve" to "hl" in anim.bin and call SetBank("hl") it just doesn't pick up the texture but it still spawn, I saw them when I change it back and log into the save the Post help me learn a lot tks SuperDavid
  4. to my case: Build.bin can be renamed atlas-0.tex can be edited but i can't change the name in anim.bin, it predictably crashed but there are one way we can use the file, I can find the animState of the Spriter file. those are the meaningful words in that bunch of non-readables for PlayAnimation the names of the included symbols or former pictures used to make the anim is listed at the end of the file, down right
  5. SuperDavid I added a file I don't think that renaming these from the zip file yourmod/anim/ files would be possible and reasonable both the SetBank("...") and SetBuild("...") arguments are taken from the Spriter file before it was built into the mods/yourmod/anim if you have Spriter installed, you can view the file exported/Healing_Salve/tut.scml i keep the animation folder named "big_healin_salve" in tut.scml called on tut03.lua #line21 anim:SetBank("big_healin_salve") - setting animation folder and "tut" as the Spriter file name called on tut03.lua #line24 anim:SetBuild("tut") setting build using NotePad++ as you look in the build.bin you can see "tut" and "atlas-0" the Buildrenamer rename the "tut" part (usually to your mod's name) and it has only 1 name to replaced in anim.bin we have "Healing_Salve"- the directory and "big_healin_salve" - the animation folder in tut.scml and the atlas-0.tex doesn't has anything meaningful to me except "KTEX" hope you can find some more clues I 'll stick with this post for a while p/s I 'm new and I play Don't starve as a standalone version, not from Steam, so no autocompiler used and I always wants to know ways that we can makes mods not using it
  6. --The build name is the name of the animation folder in spriter. anim:SetBank("tut06") --The bank name is the name of the Spriter file. anim:SetBuild("tut06") from Cheerio's creature mod guide the Spriter file .scml which is compiled by the scml.exe found in your modtools(i think ) folder .It generate for u the file. hope this can help u
  7. Big thanks for the mod tutorial, I am new to modding in the tutorial, the function SpawnCreature is always called whenever the mod is enabled for all character but is it possible if i want to make a character mod, or a mod that spawn something for a specific character what i have try: if playercharacter == "mycharactername" then AddSimPostInit(SpawnCreature) end at the end of modmain.lua not work :))