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    Hi I am trying to write a character mod Youmu from Touhou *Youmu is cute, but speeches are not completed (original from Wilson) *Youmu has a sword (the sword has light at night, I really need some advice on how to turn the light off unintentionalsly) --- the sword hits spawn butterflies or anything you can changes in the prefab roukanken.lua --- the damage is 5*axe damage --- I don't know if this is balance or not :)), some additional feature ideas for the sword should be great ! *she has a recipe for making dumplings Health 200 Hunger 150 Sanity 200 Walkspeed 5 Runspeed 7 The mod still have some perks and Ideas that are not completed, the big potrait artwork was from the Internet, also the dumpling I need some advice and comments on my first mod *The light on the sword : I still don't know how to fix or if it create a feature instead of the a bug Youmu is base on the character mod esctemplate from Dleowolf, tks also to Cherrios for his tutorial
  2. Big thanks for the mod tutorial, I am new to modding in the tutorial, the function SpawnCreature is always called whenever the mod is enabled for all character but is it possible if i want to make a character mod, or a mod that spawn something for a specific character what i have try: if playercharacter == "mycharactername" then AddSimPostInit(SpawnCreature) end at the end of modmain.lua not work :))