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  1. Hello! I am an artist new to modding. After running into dead ends years ago creating custom character art, my ultimate aim is to make a clear video tutorial of an easy pipeline to share with the modding community. I am making progress and still figuring out an efficient pipeline, but have run into some issues. 1. Errors while trying to preview player animation in Spriter for the Sample Character Template SCML . My goal is to use Spriter to easily preview WIP custom characters with default player animation, to check if everything is working, sized, and placed correctly, without having to open the game & host a new session just to check any art updates. Fixing this would make adjusting art significantly easier. The default Sample Character Template SCML file works fine in DST, but contains no animation when opened in Spriter. Following this Reskinning Mod Guide, I tried using KTools to create a new SCML file with animation. While the new SCML contains working animation in Spriter, the project has completely broken proportions: For the SCML file, I tried The Sample Character Template's two atlas files, build, and anim: The premade SCML works perfectly in DST, but no animations load into Spriter. Running the files through KTools results in the broken example above WITHOUT animation in Spriter. The Sample Character Template's two atlas files and build, and default player idle anim from DST data: Running the files through KTools results in the broken example above WITH animation in Spriter. Does anyone know why this happens/ how to build an animated character template SCML properly?? 2. Alternatively, is there a way to add existing animations (anim) to existing Spriter projects? Adding player animations to the original working Sample Character Spriter project would solve the issue just as well! 3. Alternatively, is there an existing method to easily place/align/resize sprite images? Is there an existing method for making sure sprite art, especially faces, are aligned correctly? Currently I am drawing over the Sample Character Art Atlas and replacing the files manually, but features end up too high/low/small/large/off center & need manual adjustment. I'm working on a fast way to do this, but I wanted to check here if anyone has already figured this one out? Thank you!