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  1. i installed one of the mods on the front page (the hamlet restocking one if it matters) and i went to go activate it in game; only to see nothing all mods i've previously installed are there, but no new ones; i reinstalled the game, verified the cache, etc and it won't show up no clue why or how
  2. floating tree

    tree just floatin in the ocean
  3. playing rog some more, discovered machete in 'tools' tab, unsure if that's supposed to be there (i DID make it compatible w/ hamlet so idk)
  4. so i was just playing rog to see if there were any hamlet issues w/ it (i.e content not supposed to be there, w/e) and i came into a graveyard. i saw some gold literally just sliding forwards, like in shipwrecked when an item is pushed by a gust of wind, but it's weird because there's no gust of wind, no anything, the item is just moving. idk but it's p weird