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  1. In this snippet (note line 938), I didn't seen a recursion boundary limit. I'm wondering will this part cause infinite recursion?
  2. Well, I used a modified MoonSharp version to provide auto completion information(somewhat IntelliSense?). If you need, I can dig it out from my old HDD.
  3. It improves performance by some hacks, but can not be compatible with GemCore https://github.com/paintdream/DontStarveLuaJIT
  4. mod_tools\tools\scripts\buildanimation.py compiles this intermediate zip type to usual type.
  5. Mod tools have a script to deal the zip with xml and scml. But if you want to make a bins by your hand, you may need programming skills. I think scml.exe in mod tools can slove your problem. PS> ./scml.exe exported/your/scml.scml anim/name_of.zip
  6. That's OK, just provide some command line arguments like /create [Template] [Name]
  7. Just contiue your work, I will write code on intergation. If you are working on C#, you can also provide a backend class library for us.
  8. A Mod developement toolkit, include code editing experience with auto complete, an intergated texture viewer, file structure tree view, and a mod publisher. We need hands on project system. I think your works is fit for that.
  9. because a sb called 神乐 copied other's code and said these unrespectful word to other modders. LGPL open source protocol 建议修改为LGPL license,这是英文原文
  10. Mod loaded twice, here is the screenshot. mods folder: Line 2840~2861 in log proved this. mods.7z
  11. maybe we need to edit link to refer DETEd-2.0