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  1. I read this very often. How much time you play in the year in hours ? Run the card under 100% load in every game ? The most time the PC and his components are idling. And the idle power consumption is like all the other manufacturers minimal. And Intel, Nvidia and AMD are all energy pigs under load. So, for me personally is the energy factor not important. Ecological is no one of them And another side note. Think about how much people waste energy because of mining! These people don't interest of energy costs or the energy bill. They lost money through mining and don't get money. I think they should use the CPU/GPU power for calculating for research. Wasted money too, but it is useful. And for the Area 51 people, they could support SETI I read in the past that Intel has at the moment many problems with the 7nm process. They build a own factory for this. If I am mistaken. The interesting question is what will happen if we reach the limit ? Stagnation ? I can just repeat, what I said: "The software industry must rethink the techniques" The software by its own could be better as now. More cores are good, but if u cannot use them in the most applications, they are pretty useless.
  2. Sure, but u pay then 3000$ for the CPU. At least, of course! End of daydreaming.
  3. CPU Core-Usage: True words. I think, the max single-thread performance is nearly reached. The only things that can increase the performance is a tinier manufacturing process with a higher core clock. So u can reach with the same voltage higher clocks. Like it's been in the last 10 Years. An air cooled CPU has an heat sink limit. But, we have nearly reached the limit. We can't go tinier in the future with the current technologies. In my opinion, the problem is not the fact, that the single-thread performance is bad or is increased by little steps, rather the software developers are 10 years behind the technologies. Think about how much time it needs in the past to have all programs in 64Bit on an desktop environment. The same for 16Bit to 32Bit and the same for BIOS to UEFI. That are always processes by decades. Just a bunch of examples. CPU will have more and more cores in the future on an bigger "Die". The saddest thing is the fact, that just a couple of applications can use the bunch of CPU cores. The most games and programs in the world are poorly at "using more than one core". We know, that not all games need multi-threading. Such as solitaire or similar. In the past 7 years, the performance increase were laughable in my opinion. I said it in another thread: If I buy the best 6 Core CPU now (I have an I7 3930K) it will be 30-40% faster as mine. Think about the time period. 7 Years.... I can remember the good old times (Buy all two years a new system wasn't good :D), were u had a increase of round about 100% in two years at least. Price madness: The other fact is the madness of Intel and Nvidia now. I have never had a preferred manufacturer for a CPU or the GPU (I had all of them in the past), but what i learned was, don't buy Intel and don't buy Nvidia currently. I work in a IT company. They are crazy and test the consumers pain threshold. And all of the people who defend the practice haven't noticed what the result will be in the future. Extreme higher prices forever. It's in our hands to draw the limit and punish these practices with don't buying it. Think about it. If u compare AMD vs. Nvidia or AMD vs. INTEL, the best answer is always the underdog. Price, politics, force progress and long life of the hardware (personal opinion). I can remember how quick the old 8800GTX died. After 2 Years the card was broken. I have never had an AMD/ATI card that ever died. And i had many cards in the past of both of them. Another sad thing is always the consumers reactions. They are glad to have AMD, but they still buying all Nvidia or Intel. For me personally it is a very stupid move of them. The result we all can see now. Intel and Nvidia goes crazy. Low performance increase for much more money as before. The new cards for OVER 1000 $ are a punch in the face of everyone. Multi-GPU System: The best answer at the moment for the most games out there is a multi GPU system. U don't need a 1080GTX for 700 $. U can reach the same with cheaper cards and get more performance too! U pay 500 $ and get more. The problems at the beginning of the SLI/Crossfire systems were the bad support of DX9. The most DX9 games can't handle it or doing it very bad. Now, with at least DX11 or DX12 games, they are fully supported by he OS, DirectX, drivers and the most games. I have by myself 2 cards in my system. The good old 7970 Lightning cards. They saved my ass over the last 7 years Think about it. If u bundle 2 x 1060 cards, u have the much more performance as an 1080GTX and u have paid lesser. But! I would buy 2 x RX580 or RX590 cards at the moment. Were still better as the 1080GTX for much less money. So, now think about why Nvidia will drop the multi GPU support in the future ? See u some coherence's ? They want to force the people to buy the high price crap. Most of the 1060 cards haven't the SLI possibility. So, long life AMD! Get great again! And personally, the colors at AMD GPU Cards are much more better. Maybe it is delusion.
  4. Scanner Can't track rockets

    Reload the game and the Rocket will be listed.
  5. [Game Update] - 284571

    A Hatch has eaten Gossmann or another critter. Gossmann looks so delicious.
  6. I don't prefer the dev mode, but sometimes, it is very useful. Dups are stuck, animals are stuck or other game bugs. If I have no choice I use it. If a dupe walled in, u must normally deconstruct the wall and build it again. In my early ONI Stages i did it always without the dev mode. But now after 1400+ hours of playing, it is just an annoying part of the game. It costs just time. I don't spawn resources or something similar. That would destroy the game how u said. But a little use to workaround the bugs of the game or correct stupid dups action is okay for me. If i would to play without limits, i would play with the sandbox mode.
  7. Yes, u have 2 x 10.000KM planets. The lines are a bit confusing, I know. In my opinion we haven't planets with different distance between 20.000 or 30.000 KM Line for example, so the lines should go through the planets. That would be clarified. The lines would have a sense, if we have planets with 22.000KM or 28.000 KM Distance. So, the lines were good. But in the current situation it is a little bit confusing. Or they should colorize these zones with different colors.
  8. The only possibility is to "cheat" via the Debug Mode. U CAN'T solve this problem, when u haven't a 10.000 KM planet. The maximal range of the Steam turbine without any modules is 14.900 KM. To few to reach the 20.000 KM planet. So, enable the debug mode and cheat the research for the fuel thruster. U have no choice. Write a bug report and send your savegame the developer. PS: @harmonium Have u read his text ?
  9. Filter for cargo-modules

    Such thing were cool, but on the other side, u can easily send a rocket to the nearest location and harvest only the good stuff. Isoren for example and u get 1000KG by one flight, when u deselect the other stuff. That would be destroy the whole space scenario. Obsidian is the best material in the game. All my space constructions beside my rockets are Obsidian buildings. I welcome each obsidian packet They don't melt. Abysalite is the more useless resource in the space in my opinion. I have >850 Tons in storage compactors and the map has millions of it.
  10. CTRL+Q is the instant sushi maker. Just joking. I think, he meant ALT+Q. In Debug Mode it's teleport something. EDIT: Ahh, CTRL+Q is nearly the same, but the target move by themselves to the new position. It's the same like the "Go to" Button by the Duplicants.
  11. Noticed it too. But i cannot locate the situation, when it happens. The most of the time it works as expected.
  12. Maybe i am not the logical master, but why u don't use the NOT Gate in front of each input of the AND, OR, XOR Gate ? That have the same effect in my opinion.
  13. Great ideas! I thought the same about the constellation of the planets. In my current game, i haven't a terrestrial planet. Very sad. I think, each planet should be at least once in the game (starmap). Another thing for me is the hydrogen engine. It's not useful at the moment. U can send it to 100-110KM planets with 2 cargos, but, how much fuel u need ? TOO MUCH (2200KG)! And think about how much time it needs to collect/produce hydrogen! My liquid oxygen chamber is always full which supports 5 rockets, but the hydrogen chamber is nearly empty... the whole time. I have just one hydrogen rocket to collect a 100KM gas planet. I think, they should change the amount of needed hydrogen OR we should have another possibility to produce more of it. Another problem is that the data cables continuous break. They are made out of THERMIUM! How can that be ? Thermium melts at round about ~2900 degree. That should be fixed. And another simple question: "Why cost the steam engine 2000 steel and the others just 200KG ?" What's the reason? Thought u: The petro engine cost 200KG, u can max build 3 tanks with 200KG and 1 Oxygen tank with another 200KG are equal 1000KG steel. How far u can fly with the steam engine without any modules ? MAX 25.000 KM with the fuel thruster. How far u can fly with the petro engine and 900 KG of fuel ? With Oxylite = 33.000KM With Liquid Oxygen = 45.000KM But u need just 600KG steel! Change the steel requirement of the steam engine. It's the first engine in the game u can use. Make it cheaper and the better engines more expensive. Just a few thoughts from me Another problem is the frozen gases. Have anybody collect such things from the planets ? What can u say about it ? My experience is really bad, because the frozen gases melts, if it left the cargo bay. GREAT!
  14. I understand your suggestion, but this would be tedious as hell in the current game. U can't select which item the dupes should be use. The current game has in my opinion a "tedious" factor. At the moment the progress is slowed down by researching, to many available tasks through new content or other stuff. If u start a new colony, all what u are doing repeats in every new colony. They should remove tedious tasks and by the way not implement your suggestion. Don't add to much things to force the people to wait! We need at first an intuitive UI
  15. All recipes with Pincha Pepper Nuts. The easiest is the BBQ. Just ranching Pacu's. After a while u got a huge amount of meat. Pepper bread is to time consuming in my opinion. I don't farm sleetwheat (only the wilds). 10 sleetwheat for one bread is a little bit to much. And the berry + the pincha is the easiest with the pacu's. They give +12 Moral. Enough for the highest jobs in the game. The most of the time the dupes have round about 37 moral. Astronaut need 30 moral.