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  1. I agree great fun version! but having the same issue with items disappearing. During hay fever season (somewhat annoying season it is, with the sneezing your stuff away and the blacking out houses) Now we started losing items as that season started. Anything that hit the floor without being properly drops really. Went poof in a cloud of swirls like shown above. Outside isn't an issue - just in building and in caves. We were so close to finding our way to the second land but died from hay fever LOL Thanks - still loving the game, bugs and sneezes and all!
  2. Hi I am loving the game so far! Amazing !! I haven't seen many issues so far. The only one I can mention now, is the issue with using xbox controller.. when you cut long grass, it takes 3-4 times trying to pick it up, usually have to re-position a bit. Anything else is easy to pick up, just the long grass is an issue once cut.