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  1. Do you farm the sleet wheat or pick it up from around the map? Is hard for me to not freeze the water when farming it.
  2. Now, the best question would be @DarkMaster13 Whats your favorite Food in general? Whats the best food in Arboria? (You didnt included the beans in your chart)
  3. Assign only ONE material to each Bin, dont mix them. (It would be great to have a way to destroy materials, Hatchets takes so much time) Dont go above 18 dups, even less if possible. Kill all the Wild Animals. (Including Puffs!) Put locked Doors everywhere if you are not using that area. The less paths the better, so try to use lots of Transit Tubes (Forgot the real name) And finally, check this post:
  4. You can try this game with your laptop, but dont expect to build big bases without lag. Beginers usually dont last more than 50 cicles so it should be ok.
  5. How many trees are needed to keep working always 1 Petroleoum Generator?
  6. @Netherous Which Asteroid (Or seed) are you playing? If you are playing in Oasis I completly understand.
  7. Free food

    I dont know why, but am already cicle 300 and havent received a single Pacou package.
  8. I dont understand, if you do this the liquid will despair so how it transfer heat?
  9. Food Stock

    I tried the same, but the food have the status "Unrefrigerated!" with red letters, is that expected with this method? How do you deal what to do with food like "Fried Mushrooms"? Those could be a Final Dish and also an Ingredient. Also, is there any diference between CO2 or Chlorine?
  10. Nat Gas Cooler

    Its possible for the NG Generator to output more cold(cold polluted ice) than heat?
  11. What temperature need NG Generator to compensate the heat generated vs the cold polluted water/ice?
  12. You sure? Thats new for me.
  13. " Water piping isn't too dangerous, unless you're piping around super hot water which WILL start cooking everything around it. " Thats exactly the reason why I dont want to put the Oxygen room next to the AETN. Doest it work If I make my own Vacum with 2 titles next to the pipe?
  14. I am trying to move some cool (-20C) petroleoum from the AETN to the Oxygen Generation Room, the problem is they are too far and even with Igneous Rock Insulation Pipes am loosing cold. It will help if I build an Insulation tile over the pipe? Does it worth to use ceramic for this? If I abuse of pipe bridges will I loose less cold? (Since it "teleport" the liquid)
  15. @Dave @DaveSatx Then you ended using the Aquatener to cool the Steam Turbine which purpose was to cool the Aquatuner?