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  1. Well, these are potted tulips that I got for sweetheart's, not just bulbs. So idk when I'm actually supposed to plant them...
  2. Kinda sounds like me. I'm always reluctant to put away my hoodies once summer comes. That won't be anytime soon though; we randomly had a snowstorm last night! It's supposed to be spring! Good thing I didn't plant my tulips yet.
  3. If six were in don't starve, would they have a special lighter item like Willow, do you think? I wonder what all their abilities would be...
  4. Is this picture of her in the constant, or back home? I like the way you use the colors to make her stand out from the background and create some depth.
  5. Ooh I love the swooshyness in their dresses. I just finished binging all the pages of this topic btw. Only took me a few months!