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  1. Norfeder has been hard at work in the coding department, and he says that 035 should be fully implemented and relatively bug-free tomorrow. This means that tomorrow may be playtesting day!


    ( @GetNerfedOn :^) )

    1. SophPlays


      Y a y

      yall mind if i help? ;w; (no is ok i’m aware nobody cares about me and my dumb problems)

    2. Canis


      You can suggest quotes and also help playtest. Having more hands on either helps greatly. Just throw any quotes here if you have any ideas.

      Keep in mind that 035's personality in this mod is "comedic, narcissistic a**hole"

    3. LunarCat


      i think a quote from 035 when examining a carrat should be: what is this sorcery (its bad ik)

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