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  1. So PG&E, America's main electric company, is throwing a hissy fit because they filed bankruptcy and might shut off my city's power for a few days starting tomorrow at the earliest. It may not happen at all, which is what im hoping for.


    Ill still try to be active via phone.

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    2. GetNerfedOn


      Oh no... how am i going to setup Sanctuary when I'll be all alone...?

      I do understand your plight but Sanctuary just aint tke same without aanyone else in it...

    3. Canis


      I mean, it should only be for 48 hours, and we're far of from the 27th, we'll be fine.

      Edit: If it happens in the first place, that is.

    4. GetNerfedOn


      oh, i see

      good thing its just a few days... *sigh*.

      over here in the PH outages of services like Internet, power and water scheduled to last only a day caan extend to weeks on end. Glad there hasn't been anything drastic yet.

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