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  1. sorry I was assuming he had that mod on since people who have complained about the bug had a mod that added map icons
  2. I didn't expect a mod to be made within 24 hours lol and from the god who makes all those performance mods I've been using way before I started playing DST (ROG/SW/Hamlet) Thank you for this mod! I love it
  3. Would it be possible to see console-like HUD for the PC version of DST in a future update? Ever since ROG/SW I have never liked how the backpack is awkwardly put on the right side of the screen when my eyes are usually rested on the lower part where most of my inventory is located. I have always been salty about how neat the console HUD looks. Sorry if any of this comes off as being rude, I just want to put it out there. Thanks :) ~Credits to the original owner of the pic, sorry I forgot your name
  4. stupid question but I have literally never used twitch before so here it goes... does it "count" if I just open a tab with a streamer on and continue playing my game? or do I have to make it so that I am actually watching the whole stream? hope my question makes sense I'm not a native english speaker
  5. turn off wall map icons, did the trick for me
  6. 70 percent sure its from where's my beefalo and other mods that add map icons... I disabled that mod and never used any other mod woth similar function and havent missed an attack. I can confirm the not missing part 'cause i use simple health bars that have dmg indicators.
  7. Im having the same issue. I noticed that ypu can still fight her but not land any hits, i jist kite her until enrage stage then use panflute. After that i can hit her normally, its only on larvae stage where you really cant hit her, just lengthens the fight by a couple of mins or so.