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  1. No Damage to Giants

    70 percent sure its from where's my beefalo and other mods that add map icons... I disabled that mod and never used any other mod woth similar function and havent missed an attack. I can confirm the not missing part 'cause i use simple health bars that have dmg indicators.
  2. Glitch in battle with Dragonfly

    Im having the same issue. I noticed that ypu can still fight her but not land any hits, i jist kite her until enrage stage then use panflute. After that i can hit her normally, its only on larvae stage where you really cant hit her, just lengthens the fight by a couple of mins or so.
  3. Singleplayer Beefalo taming?

    Proper damage hasnt been fixed; the damage output of beefalo depends on the player's dmg buffs like Wolfgang's or Wendy's, and anything in the hand slot. So if you use a cane while attacking w/out buffs or penalties your beefalo would do 17 dmg. It gets crazier when you play on Wolfgang or Wigfrid lol, dmg output and heals are crazy.
  4. Beefalo taming problem

    Can we reopen this? I honestly just made an account and don't know the proper etiquette. Can we get confirmation if it's a bug because I know it's not supposed to do this in dst; it's damage is supposed to be fixed irregardless of what you are equipping if any at all. I really love beefalo taming in dst but prefer ds alone worlds. Thank you. Love that you guys still update your older games for free. C=