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  1. would it be possible to increase the stack of down feathers to 20/40 instead of 10 and also, would it be possible to add the blueprint for waterfowl can to loot stash, thanks
  2. Hello, would it be possible to apply game optimization to items on the ground other than hound's teeth? it would be nice to let other farmable/mass produced items stack up like hound's teeth when you unload/leave an area that, or buff lazy forager so we would actually use em XD thanks
  3. i see, i thought its the crafting ui that's taking a while since it's a complete overhaul while the other stuff like recipes or wolfgang would just need to edit or add a few lines AG animations still do get awkward at times tho, i agree
  4. Hi, would it be possible to get two smaller updates instead of a single package? I just think it would be nice to play with the new stuff that is more or less complete(?) now than wait for the crafting UI to finish--seeing as it needs more fine tuning/overhauling. It's not that I'm just in it for the cheap turf and better AG loot
  5. the FACT is, is that DST is a GAME, it's the server that CAN be MULTIPLAYER or NOT this isn't an MMORPG/FPS where people have NO choice but to play with/against people who use exploits you can set the number of players on your server for a reason, it is NOT strictly multiplayer; you don't NEED other people to progress you can CHOOSE to play with people that use the "cheese" or not i swear some of these comments just reek of elitists/gatekeepers. its like complaining in minecraft about people using redstone to make crazy/op mob farms 'cause it's not the elitist way of going through all the trouble of making the perfect enchanted gear and brewing all the potions just to kill hordes of mobs every night for their drops
  6. double its uses; prevent it from breaking at 0 durability; and full refuel with a single orange gem
  7. sorry I was assuming he had that mod on since people who have complained about the bug had a mod that added map icons
  8. turn off wall map icons, did the trick for me
  9. 70 percent sure its from where's my beefalo and other mods that add map icons... I disabled that mod and never used any other mod woth similar function and havent missed an attack. I can confirm the not missing part 'cause i use simple health bars that have dmg indicators.
  10. Im having the same issue. I noticed that ypu can still fight her but not land any hits, i jist kite her until enrage stage then use panflute. After that i can hit her normally, its only on larvae stage where you really cant hit her, just lengthens the fight by a couple of mins or so.