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  1. I have a question to that turret behaviour: Several turns before I took that screenshot, I hacked that turret. There was one guard that was moving next to that turret. He was going through doors next to position of my uppermost agent on that screenshot. Then he was going to lasers, it was his patrol route. But turret should kill him when he was passing next to that turret. Why that didn't happen? I am sending save file as an attachment. savegame.lua
  2. Thank you for answer. I didn't know that turret cannot attack enemies with more that 2 armor. Does it also apply to hacked drones?
  3. I'm not sure but I think that turret didn't kill anyone before it encounter moving guard. Otherwise there would be many dead bodies around that turret and probably some guard would destroy that turret seeing many bodies on the floor. There is also strange that "OVERWATCH" appeared next to that turret at previous turn when that screenshot was taken. I took with me stunned enemy (Chief Executive). Can stunned enemy trigger turret's overwatch?