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  1. Mod loading is still messed up. After playing and exiting, when I come back in all the mods are disabled so you have to reenable again
  2. I was confused as to finder vs filter being different things....Chrome will have to help me filter for now
  3. What is a "trait finder algorithm"? I briefly had hoped it would allow filtering for the "world traits" but it does not look the case (yet). Thanks for patching!
  4. cool. I just checked the exclusive traits part...did not check the other ones
  5. debug and custom worlds...i recall a scenario used it
  6. that would be a bad use. Aquatuner much better. I think it is more for local cooling without need for pipes
  7. Basically like a terrible but lower power aquatuner. moves heat but does not delete a meaningful amount
  8. With the changes to exosuit (no longer bladder decreases), dups will always be at >60% at the end of day break time.
  9. Sure but using schedules that should never happen.
  10. Strange. I find the dup execute things in the same order all the time. Bathroom, eat, coffee, sleep, shower, play (with 3 rec in front of 2 sleep followed by 2 rec). You can have less rec before sleep but it is a good buffer for long travel times. Putting less just pushes eat or coffee to after sleep. But they always bathroom first and always shower when they wake up. Dups normally only drop food when the food has more calories than they can fit in their stomachs. They will not stop eating to sleep. They might stop eating to piss but that is my point. They will ALWAYS bathroom as the first thing for first rec slot so having rec with no bathroom will always ensure no interruptions. Putting bathtime first means they will miss it with long commute back to base and then bad things happen to your eating, sleep sequence etc
  11. You get the morale for that extra break time in place of bathtime
  12. No need for bath time at all. They use the facilities on the first break time anyway
  13. "Rock Granulator" is renamed to the "Amalgamator" and one day later Amalgamator is now Rock Crusher They could not go straight to crusher...had to transition so community did not get lost.
  14. My point was not they they banned it; just nerfed it so it no longer makes sense from wood-ethanol loop
  15. they decided that ethanol was for nosh plants and not power plants
  16. how do you automate harvesting? his point was you need higher priority for harvesting and locking dups out wont solve that...and neither will priorities.
  17. I thought each planet only gave 5 and more trips did not give anymore? even if I am wrong, I dont like them saying here is a booster but you cant use it. Same for supercoolant. they designed things for the original map design. I get they want different game play and approaches, but locking out important machines is not good game design, especially when unintentional
  18. I had hoped they would address oxylitte machine needing gold but not having gold on some maps...switching to iron make sense
  19. Regardless how you deliver the seeds, wild wheat seem crazy OP. just have pips plant them throughout a close ice biome. They will plant fairly dense, on groups of 3 with 3 spaces or so. or do they not plant in ice tiles?
  20. until you try to sieve PW below -3C and if a new player, have no idea why there is water always on the floors ans pipes keep breaking.
  21. Balance and consistency pass on many building's material output temperatures So numbers?
  22. I am just concerned there are so many things to filter by that it will take a massive number of seeds to populate all the filterable settings. Will the seed harvester need to be told which worlds to gen?
  23. sure...but that becomes hard to search for. Right now you can choose which geysers you want but going forward, you would have no idea what sort of world they are in?