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  1. This was in the game for a long time. PLease put it back. Click on a resource in the resource drop-down pane. Each click changes map view to the location of that resource. No longer works.
  2. In a base at 40+ cycles and 6 dupes, there is little CO2 at the closed off bottom of the base. It appears that the off-gassing of polluted dirt deletes most CO2 generated by dupes. Also, 3 deep CO2 sink no longer holds CO2 without polluted oxygen dropping down into it.
  3. 1. First four overlays (vitals, consumables, schedule, priority) are closed with windows "X". but the skills and research are not. Inconsistent. 2. The "x" beside each resource in the "Resources" overlay is superfluous. You can add and remove from the resource management window so why crowd the right pane display? 3. Move "Long commutes" to diagnostics (probably the most annoying of the default warnings on the left side of UI). 4. Move "entombed building" to diagnostics so it can be turned off.
  4. with Terra, just insulate your base and put all heat producing machine outside the base (like power and refining)
  5. I tried the "No drop" MOD but found it results in hot material being left on the bathroom floor.... What I need is a "restore sweep command" to dropped item MOD
  6. I do not care about save file size but really want to see something get rid of the 10 second system lockup just prior to the save (compression?)
  7. I have 2 of 6 dups that a permanently having the "lit workplace" condition and get the buff whenever working without lights.
  8. No, it will not get done over many cycles. It shows "not permitted" and if you immediately cancel the building, and issue dig orders, it works. I could live with buildings needing to have an open space but floor tiles and ladders are impossible because you have to limit to two tiles at a time. Just drags tiles will never get built. I loaded an old game and did not see the behaviour. I trained a second dup to dig hard materials and they do get assigned. So Turner is bugged? Turner is allowed to dig. Has skills for superhard digging. Has Priorities as two up arrows on dig. He shows "not permitted" whenever the dig order is associated with building.....and he is not constructive. Editing original post to clarify.
  9. Placing a building over undug tiles results in "not permitted" for the digger, even though they have the skill to dig any hardness but are unconstructive. This prevents anything from happening (cant build because tiles need dig, but dig is not permitted). This occurs for any building type like floor tiles, ladders etc. If the building is removed, Turner happily dig the tiles. Turner is unconstructive. Even though Turner is unconstructive, he should be able to dig but this is being blocked whenever the dig command is issued by placing a building,
  10. Seems that placing a building over a hard to dig tile results in "not permitted" for the digger, even though they have the skill to dig everything. This prevents anything from happening (cant build because tiles need dig, but dig is not permitted). (If the building is removed, Turner happily dig the tiles) Edit: OK. So if your digger is unconstructive, he will not dig when it is associated with a building. I do not recall this being the case in the past.
  11. fps is improved (good) The resource menu uses more of the vertical space on my 2K monitor (good). Instead of <50% it is now using about 70% of the space. Would still prefer it uses all available white space but better. Dups still do the herky jerky in later game (bad) - meaning if you have a series of dig orders, they dig a tile, wait, think about it, then dig the next one and so on. Does not happen early game.
  12. Now I know why I was getting micro sutter every 10 seconds or so. A large bank of "check drowning" or check temps being processed. Great to spread these out.
  13. Yah, I am glad I have a 2k monitor so I can have a game optimized for a phone played on it. Only the game is not meant for phones. I mean, maybe it works on 1080p? But anything else and we lose 50% of the screen and have to scroll instead. Not sure what they were thinking? Mine is worse than yours too; I get less than half the screen length
  14. Yup. Fully borked and they just re-disable when you restart and try to enable again. Edit: Looks like the "biuldable dirt tile" was the problem mod. Worked before the update.
  15. While talking about sweeping, can we PLEASE have items retain their command when they get dropped by dups? It is so annoying to have bleach stone or hot material sitting on the floor, after you had given a sweep command, because the game deletes your sweep command when a dup decides to end their day.
  16. How about the telescope idle, even when all planets have been surveyed?
  17. would be great if you fixed the scroll bar on the consumables tab. It is really annoying to use the horizontal scroll bar to find a food type to the right only to have it reset back 1 sec later.
  18. well, yes because before it did this but also did endless loops. Better but not fixed