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  1. Turning on/off diagnostics settings are not preserved after reload
  2. I think there are two gens. One has 1 slush and one cool salty. The other has none. Basically, they are not running any random geysers right now
  3. But why would you store them under water? Once dropped, they are never used again.
  4. I know, for power but it will be end-game, and in games like this can be an issue that by the time you get to end game content, you do not need it. But I think the issue is more fundamental to the design intent of the "Spaced Out" design. That is distributed bases. You will have 3-4 smaller bases, each with a relatively low number of dupes and likely doing some specific tasks unique to that base. This will mean they will be fine with solar for power. Even your main base will have lower power needs. I think the primary reason is each map is now so small. Your main base is less than half the size, and will have much less "to do" since that work is being done on smaller remote bases. So why do I need more power? DL/DR: small maps + smaller dupe counts per base + solar = no need to nuclear power. Distributed labor/power does not need massive centralized power generation.
  5. Yup. I got to 200 cycles but no algae and no polluted dirt left. I was not able to build a rocket as it was not in the menu despite being researched. End of game. Not having exosuits meant I could not get to the oil reservoirs but I did not have water for them anyway
  6. All rocket research complete but only three rocket related items in the rocket menu
  7. It's not just geysers. Sulfur as well as all the other things like dirt etc where original game had a solution but you will have a hard time putting those all together across 4 colonies.
  8. Even Option 1 would be a big penalty on metal for a single mask usage. It would add up. The only good part of the small map is that you might as well oxygenate the whole thing. My issue with the oil map is without exosuits, I can even dig down to the oil.
  9. Deliver metal; mask is auto made Dupe task mask Dupes comes back and drops mask on the floor (I have a pile of them on the floor now) Repeat with new metal and new mask. Are they meant to be one use? Or is it just bugged?
  10. SWMP-C-300301697-0 No geysers of any kind on starting world or the teleport 2nd world
  11. Yah, I guess I was thinking capacity but throwing refined metal at it does solve the issue. I have always had generators on the upstream side of transformers. The downside of putting them downstream is a large number of generating systems needed. Might be OK for 1-2 circuits on coal but won't scale well.
  12. The geyser gen needs work. My seed had zero geysers on both starting world and the teleport 2nd world. This does not allow for sustainable base.
  13. Not all. Mine is just 85C granite etc with no resources or geysers or anything of use.
  14. I avoided large batteries and went with only smart tied to each power generator type. However between power slugs and solar, I see the need to manage a hybrid system with large for storage and smart for power backup. However, smart batteries have 1/2 the capacity which makes this hard. Even if you deplete smart to zero, the large are at 50%. This means you are unable to fully deplete the large, and will waste energy without having a large number when generating. What is a automated design that lets you manage the two battery types? Ideally, you turn on the power generators when large are at ~10% and turn off when large are at say 50%.
  15. TL/DR: Small maps mean limited resources. This puts a clock on achieving sustainability (at least for Oxygen power, food). The mid-game seems stretched out as you have to get 2-4 bases up and running and rockets going but you do not have the resources existing to get there. Original game gave to a big map with the resources needed to both bridge the gap to end game as well as geysers to enable long term sustainable base. These small worlds make it hard to get there. Sulphur: I stopped farming grubs and grub fruit to save sulfur for sweeties for meat/sugar fuel. Not sustainable. Once sulfur is gone, so is early fuel and food. Water: My map has no geysers on starting world or teleport world. This means no longer term oxygen or food options. Sure, unlucky RNG but it highlights that small maps mean limited geysers...If you get a bad one (or not in my case) this small map is very constrained. Food: Most food needs water, which is limited (or none in my case). Mealwood is dirt but no pips to sustain. Everything else needs water or PW to sustain. I am not sure rockets can keep up, but even if they can, you will run out of time with the mid game getting there. Pips allows for zero resource food but that is not happening. Power: I am out of coal on main world and will be soon on teleport world. I have one hatch now (160 cycles) so stone hatches are a longer way off. Geothermal would be nice but no plastic or exosuits. No NG geysers. Solar seems only option. Do you get meteors on the starting world? If so, that takes a lot of infrastructure. Limited key resources removes tools to address above. No steam turbine since no plastic. No exosuits so hard to dig through 85C rock and get to 110C oil reservoir. No gold so need steel and this ideally includes a steam turbine. The clock is ticking on your small starting resource pool; seems the rocket race is forced on you whether you wanted it or not. Disjointed game play: I find jumping around each world, trying to manage each set of challenges and projects somewhat disjointed. A lot of pausing.. New players: This will be brutal. Keeping one base going is hard; keeping 2-4 running early/mid game to manage O2, food, power, heat is will very hard for unexperienced; especially when several resources have to be managed very carefully without cascading failure of the base.
  16. It is hard to feed O2 to a single station...more than one would take a lot of sublimation machines.
  17. Worse. My seed has zero geysers (water, PW, SW or anything else) on both starting world and teleport world. This means the base is dead as no long-term water options for food/oxygen. Rockets for water will take more time than I have left. Already melted most of the ice/polluted ice.
  18. Well, I have some oil reservoirs but one is 110C and the other is 500C. Kind of need suits for that. Without suits, no oil or dead dupes. This means no plastic, which means no steam turbines, which means no heat management....
  19. So I am someone who runs 30 QOL mods but rather listing them all, here are my top things I already miss 1. Deconstructable POI 2. Sweep selection (a drop down in the sweep command with a list of all materials so you only issue sweep command for what you want) 3. Manual delivery (ability to stop dupes from delivering to machines so sweepers allows win) 4. Queued research Things I miss but I doubt Klei wants to put in base 1. Scissors 2. Bigger zoom out
  20. Agree. I have 6 dupes and max 4 per shift. On shift change, the alarm goes off because all 4 dupes in that shift go to the plumbed toilets. Just because they are occupied should not trigger the alarm.