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  1. Your only option would be build the infrastructure, bring back the gold and Al ore you want, and then GTFO with the dupes
  2. it doesn't. The nerfs they made to both made the sugar rocket effectively useless
  3. Thanks for the background. Glad it is being discussed. I agree some official comment from Klei would be good. Is this a 3 week thing or is it off until release (~6 months)? or forever? I get not all mods would be good, but clearly many of yours are QOL that would not break the game. Deconstructable POI is another, although I can use sandbox for that. I hate the limited sweeper arm and motion sensors range for example, research queue, no manual delivery
  4. what is causing your stress? The only time I struggles with max stress was on 100k mod map since there was liquid CO2 all over the place and mopping it would just spawn more. This this map, no reason you can't control most debuffs and don't over promote.
  5. I did not see that it is forbidden. Just turned off. This community had MODs enable in the original game before Klei even starting providing hooks into the game for modding. I do not see why the community could not enable MODs in unsupported, user beware, form. Anyone recall who did the original mod support work? maybe @Cairath ? I for one would like several QOL mods, all the Cairath's for example, no manual delivery, research queue.....
  6. except there is only one on the map. So you have to find it. Then you have to farm it to make more. Which means none are wild. Which means if you run out of sulfur, they are dead.
  7. we had mods before the game supported, I wonder if anyone plans to give us Mods backdoor?
  8. i had to build the sugar engine in the vacuum part of the map. The temp seems to go 8 tiles down but if you are in the regular tile area, the hot gas will penetrate down much further.
  9. I had an even better one. Sent in pilot with rocketry and had same error message you show. Then sent a dup (for trailblazer) without rocketry and then the condition was satisfied. However, the rocketry dup was the one who deployed leaving the non-rocketry left on a rocket he could not pilot. So doublely broken.
  10. I sent one dupe with rocket piloting and one without but they deployed the dupe with rocketry so the dumb other dupe, who I wanted to land was stranded in the rocket. It seemed to take the "second loaded" dupe my last game but this time is always took my rocketry dupe regardless of which order I loaded....
  11. Yup. I just oxygenate the map and hold breath in space. Easier than the masks. Of course, my oil biome is 350C and that does need atmosuits if only I needed the oil.
  12. sure but 600kg is plain stupid. And now you need to carry sugar in the nosecone since you can't return trip
  13. I still ended up with enough glass at 25kg per panel section in the portals to make 6 solar panels
  14. worse still, you can haul infinite amount in the capsule. Why on earth would I bring back only 600kg of anything...but especially when I can haul back 40t in the capsule and more if I drop stuff on the floor.
  15. Yes, it does take micro. I set it with the conveyor loader not set. then unclick on one and click the other.
  16. Really? Because I set the capacity on a compactor to 3 kg and get three suits....(sweeping from the compactor)
  17. I was using them for grub-rub of bog plants...not directly for meat
  18. Not sure why grubgrub are being removed from the map? 1% egg chance with no way to improve from sweeties means grubgrub are basically not in the game.
  19. I agree with your comment about "a reason to go". I find the second teleport planet is only useful for a hatch egg. Eventually oil if you need petroleum for a rocket but otherwise, go once and forget. The second planet is useful for a single rocket trip to pick up a bunch of gold and Al metal and some drekos to bring back in the capsule. After that, why bother? Maybe one more flight to replenish or get some refined gold. So now you are stuck on small world instead of a bigger world, but still do not have any real need to use the rockets. We will see how it plays out in early access since we have limited planets/rockets right now.
  20. You can turn this off, by world (although it does not persists between loads. Just open the diagnostics menu and uncheck idle (i also turn off the breathability warning as it goes off when dupes are happily holding their breath. Easier to have your own alarm tied to base O2 pressure) That is the biggest issue I have with the small map. Limited geysers and the dice roll could have much bigger relative impact on the quality of a map.
  21. Mop the floor. Honestly, you seem to want to play hard but have an easy time. You suggest that map gen adds more food to swamp when playing hard, which would not be hard. All things you list are meant to be hard. Maybe you should play moderate on the maps you feel are "not balanced" on hard settings? I tried the 100k map on hard and had to switch because liquid CO2 on the floor was stressing dupes out. I did not feel the "map wasn't balance for hard". Difficulty should vary by map type.