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  1. This is great. I was forced use enable sandbox just so I could delete those copper doors in the oil biome which were overheating. Which is nice since you can get the connection closer to the inlet to avoid too much H2 when your automation turns off a valve
  2. Early game stress can be high but seems worth it by early mid game (before snazzy suits but rooms built and better food production going.)
  3. Why is it obvious? It outputs 4KW and each circuit is fine at 2KW so it is only if they count the outlet connection point on the PT when doing the wattage check which is hardly obvious. I only need two 2KW circuits now anyway so that would give me a single PT for entire inner base.
  4. What is impact on stress? I am wondering about automation where the rec room is only open for a short peroid to let them geta quick drink and dance but not waste 1/6 of the day there.
  5. So if I lock the portal and dont have a rec room, can I avoid the break and have forced labor? Can you connect two 2kw circuits to new PT and not overload at the connection point?
  6. There is nothing wrong with talking to dead people; the crash is what needed to be fixed. Hopefully they fixed the crash and did not remove the good-byes.
  7. PT has a small battery in it so I assume it will still allow for brief power draw above 1000W to fry things? Not sure since this was the issue with putting putting things that use more than 1000W on it.
  8. Yah, thats the problem now there is no reason to use conductive wire; might as well use regular and 1kw circuits instead of 2kw circuits in your base
  9. My 300 cycle save take 85 seconds to load with SSD, 4.5GHZ CPU and 16MB memory
  10. Well, I meant gas of any kind but glad to help
  11. Is the room over pressured with NG? This can cause them to run a few seconds then leave (heard from a friend)
  12. OK. Oil and water. Solubility is different for liquids vs gases
  13. You have never seen a lava lamp? Liquids have solubility to deal with
  14. The advantage of the left.right behavior was it would find a path easily through floors...seems it gets stuck more easily?
  15. So water geysers, which generally were not terrible go up and NG go up but still hopeless low
  16. Nope. They fixed the hydro tiles but not the planter planters; not the tiles
  17. actually, planters will ignore dirt and water temperature
  18. You need fertilzer for micronutrient for your farm stations which will still make sense so you use 50% less to make those plants grow. my 16 dups usually use <2000w and if I turned off all the fert makers, it would be even less. the worry is it breaks some things and you flag one. No fertilizer for sage which means no coal so nerfing NGG also nerfs the alternative coal solutions. I think the dirt change also hurts farming in general.
  19. but you will only need one and probably automate so it only makes as fertilizer demands so no need to run all the time anyway
  20. I checked my current game and had 112t of dirt so I guess sieves do make enough. Phosphoite was 30t so I am more worried about that. Also, you pretty much have to automate the fertilizer as it requires delivery of two things. I see the new nat gas amount from fertilizers more an annoyance; like CO2 from polymer press. You have to deal with it but it really provide no benefit. I migght actually use the power station buff tinker thing for my H2 gens now.... I agree with others. Nice to fix fertilzers but unintended consequences may hurt farming too much,
  21. Because you need to feed something to the composter to make that dirt. You need dirt for fertilzer maker and for the wheat so large dirt demand for farming berries/wheat.
  22. Someone said fertilizers now need dirt. Plus my comment about non micromanagement ways to make compost.
  23. I am wondering if dirt becomes a limiting factor to farming? Maybe they want to force ranching over farming?
  24. On maps with bad steam geysers and no PW geyser, I have had to rely on slime biome PW pools to supplement. Not sustainable but will go a few thousand cycles