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  1. On 12/23/2020 at 1:55 AM, nakomaru said:

    Make lots of water anywhere with the power of ethanol refinement.

    Only if you never utilize the 8 volcanoes situated on the outer 3 planets.

    (see first reply for how to see them if they are not showing like OP.)
    (Unfortunately, about 50% of the time the niobium one really won't spawn - I'd recommend checking before playing.)

    But how much niobium do you really need?

  2. On 12/16/2020 at 7:22 AM, Sasza22 said:

    Yes it`s a weird balance issue. 2 tiles in a command module can carry multiple times more resources than the cargo module. If you build an auto dipenser you can fit infinite resources in a single tile. No easy way to address that without redoing how command modules work.

    except infinite vs 600kg I think I would cool it down locally first.  Bottom line is that for all the asteroids except starting one, send some rovers to strip mine, then send one rocket to bring it all back, then never need to go back.

  3. 1 hour ago, Brian.oni said:

    I think it's fair way to test things.   If they made travel super easy you would encourage people only testing edge cases out of curiosity instead of necessity.   By making it hard to start ,you force people to figure out what's possible / how to abuse the system etc.   Probably a fair way to tune a games difficulty.

    Also, once you can get there, there's the question of how to handle the planet.  I had a similar idea to SkunkMaster's described approach, but I'm not sure how you could survive or do anything on the niobium planet w/o living out of your rocket for a bit.

    Without geyser water, I am not sure you should have any base on anything but the main rock and the teleport rock anyway

  4. 48 minutes ago, Khullag said:

    for every one person who says "dlc doesn't make sense, it should be a separate game", there will be 1000 people shouting "WAIT WAT THE SECOND GAME IS 95% COPY OF THE FIRST ONE. AND THEY DARE TO CHARGE FULL PRICE FOR IT???? CANCELLED!!!!"

    except is is not full price and can easily be explained in the EA text.  Like I said, they need to say it is not ONI 2

  5. On 12/9/2020 at 8:05 AM, Cairath said:

    We (modders) had a chat last night about the situation, mostly because we were getting spammed with "tell us how to enable mods!!!!!111" and we refused to do so. We don't want to show middle finger to Klei, but at the same time we hope it's a very temporary solution. 


    What is consensus of MOD community now Klei has weighed in with an indefinite timetable?

    Has the fact that two different games, requiring two different MOD code databases, and a complex MOD loader to manage the two games been discussed?  (With my assumption being Klei has under estimated the issues and therefore MODs being added to the new game is very far off if at all)

  6. 3 minutes ago, Lilalaunekuh said:

    Sounds so easy and solves all early issues, but my late game (non dlc) bases run up to 24 schedules [My max was 26 ...]

    => Sorting schedules by asteroids would be awesome [Or even something I would go out of the way and use a mod for]

    Agree. I should have labelled as work around (I only run 4 schedules for 16 dupes typically).  I mean, we have to manually change table and bed so not hard to add schedule to the list

  7. 3 hours ago, Deive_Ex said:

    I've been trying out the new DLC for about two weeks now. I'm no hardcore player but I'm not a noob either. I just started exploring other asteroids and one thing that really makes me confused is when checking the schedule, I can't see which person is on that asteroid without having to check other menus to identify if that character is on that asteroid or not.

    I mean, it seems like everything else we can filter by asteroid, but not the schedule.

    create new schedule for each rock

    move dupes to it when you teleport, print, or rocket them over

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  8. 1 hour ago, bumbaclad said:


    • Get rid of the lag when opening research menu.

    • Take out clothing or make it simpler and organized.

    • Take out rooms or make it simpler and non-arbitrary. Maybe have to revamp the morale system with it.

    • Get rid of the prebuilt rooms unless they follow the same game rules and not be understandable or darken; buggy system anyway.

    • Let us design dupes rather then rerolling.

    • Make the portal be charged by the player and only provide dupes and maybe player stored blueprints.

    • Make the copy button useful like the copy blueprint mod.

    • Make rocket building more simplistic.

    • Make rockets more useful in order to get rid of the portal tubes and if there must be portal tubes have them be built by players.

    • If we need to supply rocket interiors then we need new devices to be able to do it properly.

    • Let us travel in space forever away from our starting position if we choose; I want to planet hop along increasingly difficult planets. For me the most fun to be had is the start and it makes sense to provide a path to infinite replayability.

    • Lots more rocket options.

    • More options for crafting; ridiculous that we need to planet hop around to find the perfect material for making strings; currently reeds are the rarest thing in the universe and nothing can substitute them.

    • The droids need to have clear limitations or none; currently seems to be limited because they don't want us to just have droids or don't want us to be able to complete rooms; make things more coherent.

    • Revamp the illness and medical system; it is just ignored now and taking up game space.

    You missed get rid of the complete system hang on autosave.  Allowing us to turn off autosave was lazy and no reason for a 10 second lock up.  It is not the write to disk speed, and not the report length, some sort of compression or house keeping.  It is terrible.

  9. 1 hour ago, SkunkMaster said:

    If you send 2 rockets, both with a trail blazer module, then you have enough refined metal for a landing pad. 

    all you need after that is to make sure one of the rockets can house 2 dupes for 10-20 cycles... could use oxylite + berry sludge.. 

    seems like they should increase the range on the rockets until the newer rocket content is ready.  What you describe seems like a pretty specific edge case (here I was assuming you would send a rover, then maybe a cargo drop or two, then a trailbazer.  But the whole, live of the rockets does sound weird compared to how they designed the rocket tools.

  10. 17 hours ago, _Q_ said:

    I may be wrong on that, but i get impression that the old asteroid got sliced to pieces and now you need to create that network to get some missing resources, but I don't miss any resources, I have unlimited water and unlimited solar power, don't feel like traveling to other rocks. So again most of the things now is optional like the pre DLC rocket things. A bit pointless.

    the second world gave me a hatch egg, and the third world gave me plenty of gold and Al ore with a single rocket trip, beyond that I see no need to return to either.  So basically you get a smaller starting map and still no compelling reason for rockets

  11. 14 hours ago, QuQuasar said:

    I'm more interested in the worst DLC starting seed. Oxygen and temperature are of no concern in the swamp and I'm yet to start on a seed in which the brine and slush geysers weren't immediately adjacent to the starting biome, which means I'm 90% of the way to sustainability before I even start. There's still challenge to be had (the initial food scramble is a lot of fun, and my dupes aren't exactly fond of being cold and damp all the time), but still, end-game is a lot closer in the dlc than it is in the base game.
    I'm not concerned, though: this is early days, and Klei have explicitly stated that they intend multiple colonies across multiple worlds to contribute to sustainability.

    the map is so small I am not sure what "not adjacent" would even be.  I hate things too close to POD since this prevents building out my preferred base (a nice ugly square centered on POD)

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  12. For me, the DLC "expansion" feels like a contraction.  I thought the alpha was only testing specific things like the new world and that the release would have much more...that turned out not to be true.  Instead, we got a single, smaller map and a new game mechanic that is not fully implemented.  The single map we did get has no random geyser generation meaning very little repeat playability.  In comparison I have played arboria >12 times because each one so is different.  I am not convinced they have found the secret recipe to deliver a fun rocket experience, currently I just load what I need in the nose cone and have no need to go back to world #3 (40t of gold and Al and I am good to go back on the base world; plus the pilot mechanic does not fit well with repeating auto trips).

    Due to lack of mod support being enabled, I am holding off on buying the game.  I take it to mean Klei really feel uncomfortable with the state of the game.  As @Cairath said, we had MODs just fine all through early release and those that used it were "sophisticated",. knew the dangers, and knew how to fix each update (or disable while waiting for the mod update).  I am fine with downloading from Github and the forums vs steam integration but not fine with it disabled completely.

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  13. 7 minutes ago, Kderosa said:

    I just noticed this on my current map about 30 tiles of sucrose at ~ 270 kg/tile.  That's 12 trips once you mine it for half. There' are also some oxylite veins but much less.  At some point you have to make your own oxylite which means you need to obtain gold from the forest planet

    with the polluted water geyser, seems fertilizer is better choice

  14. 43 minutes ago, Kderosa said:

    Exactly.  Right now the "best" rocket to use is the carbon dioxide rocket which only requires about 60 kg of CO2 and no oxidizer.  I believe it's limited to two tiles (plus return trip) and three rocket modules. But at that low cost you can effectively do anything once you have a wood burner or petroleum/ethanol generator up and running.

    Though one Sweetle ranch can crank out 2000 kg of sucrose in a 100 cycles or so and will be useful when the sucrose rocket is eventually fixed.

    sugar is 1.3 tiles.  It allows one more module but needs that for oxidizer.  So it consumes way more but goes less distance. Also, easier to refuel on other end with CO2.

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  15. 19 hours ago, hthought said:

    The radium planetoid that I inhabited has no renewable water sources. Moving water with rockets is basically impossible since it brings back like 500kg which is nothing. So, at some point, I won't be able to product oxygen at all. 

    What do you do about those ? Do you just move out to new ones and just farm them for their volcanoes and radium ? It's a shame that I have to evacuate but I am not seeing a way to make a sustainable colony without any water.

    Your only option would be build the infrastructure, bring back the gold and Al ore you want, and then GTFO with the dupes

  16. 29 minutes ago, Cairath said:

    @chemie It wasn't me, although I was around at that time. People who know their way around modding in a more-than-basic way know how to do it. 

    There are issues with some mods loading right now, more specifically with anims. It's more than 'unsupported', there is code that straight turns off all enabled mods. Yes, it is possible to go around the 'b'an. I rambled pretty bad on discord last night as I am really unhappy about no mods right now, but I understand that Klei wants more feedback on actual bugs without people attempting to load the game with outdated mods, or mods that appear to be compatible but break the game. Workshop hasn't received an update with a flag that an item requires DLC. It'd be hell, and I know for a fact that most users won't read warnings and will spam reports from modded playthrough. 

    We (modders) had a chat last night about the situation, mostly because we were getting spammed with "tell us how to enable mods!!!!!111" and we refused to do so. We don't want to show middle finger to Klei, but at the same time we hope it's a very temporary solution. 

    @Ipsquiggle @fatheroctopus Could we get some info from you guys? If there's any way we can help you with modding related stuff, please let me know. I can give you access to the modding channel. People are pushing pretty hard, and if not for us, I'm sure someone else will release a 'how-to'. How long is the mod-off period planned to last? Unless you don't mind us sharing a workaround - just please tell us *something*. We also have questions about architecture plans for the basegame-dlc switching we'd love to get answers to. Would it be possible for me to send you a list of our questions?

    Thanks for the background.  Glad it is being discussed.  I agree some official comment from Klei would be good.  Is this a 3 week thing or is it off until release (~6 months)?  or forever?

    I get not all mods would be good, but clearly many of yours are QOL that would not break the game.  Deconstructable POI is another, although I can use sandbox for that. I hate the limited sweeper arm and motion sensors range for example, research queue, no manual delivery