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  1. I had something similar but only on the 2nd world.  Skimmer ran fine on original world.  Deconstructing and rebuilding it would start up again but only run a few ticks.  I had same issue with a deoxidizer too (but on starting world).  The skimmer I completely rebuilt the entire skimmer/sieve loop somewhere but it is still not running.  It stops running as soon as I switch view to another world.

    Edit: It does it on all worlds.....switching back and forth breaks the skimmer

    The Lunar Home.sav

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  2. 3 hours ago, NoVaxAren tReal said:

    Was your dupe in a "work" schedule?
    As, if it is in default schedule, "not permitted" simply means that they are asleep.

    No, it will not get done over many cycles.  It shows "not permitted" and if you immediately cancel the building, and issue dig orders, it works.  I could live with buildings needing to have an open space but floor tiles and ladders are impossible because you have to limit to two tiles at a time.  Just drags tiles will never get built.

    I loaded an old game and did not see the behaviour.  I trained a second dup to dig hard materials and they do get assigned.  So Turner is bugged?


    Turner is allowed to dig.  Has skills for superhard digging.  Has Priorities as two up arrows on dig.  He shows "not permitted" whenever the dig order is associated with building.....and he is not constructive.  Editing original post to clarify.