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  1. at about 400 cycles, dupes start the one task shuffle. Walk up to multiple dig commands, dig one tile, start to walk back to base maybe 10 tiles, turn around, and come back and dig another single tile, repeat. Very annoying.
  2. OK. But why? What do they need to do on the other worlds, after you have mined what is needed? .
  3. You can only really have colonies on the first and teleport planets due to shipping water or O2. Plus the other ones are small and you can just travel once after robo miners strip mined them, and bring back everything in one trip. I think you end up with one colony on what is now 1/3 of the map size. You get a neat mechanic that you only use a few times....
  4. except infinite vs 600kg I think I would cool it down locally first. Bottom line is that for all the asteroids except starting one, send some rovers to strip mine, then send one rocket to bring it all back, then never need to go back.
  5. Without geyser water, I am not sure you should have any base on anything but the main rock and the teleport rock anyway
  6. except is is not full price and can easily be explained in the EA text. Like I said, they need to say it is not ONI 2
  7. What is consensus of MOD community now Klei has weighed in with an indefinite timetable? Has the fact that two different games, requiring two different MOD code databases, and a complex MOD loader to manage the two games been discussed? (With my assumption being Klei has under estimated the issues and therefore MODs being added to the new game is very far off if at all)
  8. I mean, it literally requires choosing which game to play in the launcher but here are my reasons 1. Clarity: It is a stand-alone game. Usually, DLC is an add-on (more maps, characters, technology etc) that builds on the base game. This does not do that. The game uses the same base game code and core mechanics but applies it to a different game format. It is not a DLC in the traditional sense. Obviously, they need to make sure people know it is not "Oni 2" (meaning bigger/better) but instead it is "Another take on Oni" or "Oni - a different spin". Obviously, they would not call it that, maybe "Oni -Fractured Worlds". They are just giving you the same base game map split into 5. 2. State of game: What has been released feels more like what we saw in the testing branch during original ONI development. Place holder graphics, incomplete game mechanics. EA DLC is strange to me. Why not a new game that happens to be EA, which Klei did well with "ONI 1 - The original". 3. Bundled: Why require people to own the base game? Again, it does to add to the base game. We have Game 1 and Game 2 so Game 2 should be a stand alone purchase, Own one, own the other, or own both. They actually increase their player base by doing this too. Plus, if I was a new player, and decided "I should buy the game plus the DLC for that game", I would be pissed because it is really two separate, different, stand alone games. 4. Mods. Mods are indefinitely turned off. Klei suggests they "hope" to add MOD support but have not discussed the significant hurdles in doing this. They will need a completely new and complex MOD loader to manage 2 games. Each existing mod needs to be considered "Game 1 only". Any new MODs need to declare themselves as Game 1, Game 2 or both. (For example, would base game manage a sugar engine MOD without crashing?) Each time you load Game 1 or Game 2, it will need to re-launch and re-load the mods for that game. Steam is not well setup to manage 2 different games MOD library within one game. Make them stand alone and problem solved.
  9. Agree. I should have labelled as work around (I only run 4 schedules for 16 dupes typically). I mean, we have to manually change table and bed so not hard to add schedule to the list
  10. create new schedule for each rock move dupes to it when you teleport, print, or rocket them over
  11. You missed get rid of the complete system hang on autosave. Allowing us to turn off autosave was lazy and no reason for a 10 second lock up. It is not the write to disk speed, and not the report length, some sort of compression or house keeping. It is terrible.
  12. which of course is the exact description of the dupe you want as the pilot.....
  13. seems like they should increase the range on the rockets until the newer rocket content is ready. What you describe seems like a pretty specific edge case (here I was assuming you would send a rover, then maybe a cargo drop or two, then a trailbazer. But the whole, live of the rockets does sound weird compared to how they designed the rocket tools.
  14. So you need to suicide several dupes since the rocket can't return trip? and then have all these stranded rockets stuck on the map?
  15. the second world gave me a hatch egg, and the third world gave me plenty of gold and Al ore with a single rocket trip, beyond that I see no need to return to either. So basically you get a smaller starting map and still no compelling reason for rockets
  16. the map is so small I am not sure what "not adjacent" would even be. I hate things too close to POD since this prevents building out my preferred base (a nice ugly square centered on POD)
  17. For me, the DLC "expansion" feels like a contraction. I thought the alpha was only testing specific things like the new world and that the release would have much more...that turned out not to be true. Instead, we got a single, smaller map and a new game mechanic that is not fully implemented. The single map we did get has no random geyser generation meaning very little repeat playability. In comparison I have played arboria >12 times because each one so is different. I am not convinced they have found the secret recipe to deliver a fun rocket experience, currently I just load what I need in the nose cone and have no need to go back to world #3 (40t of gold and Al and I am good to go back on the base world; plus the pilot mechanic does not fit well with repeating auto trips). Due to lack of mod support being enabled, I am holding off on buying the game. I take it to mean Klei really feel uncomfortable with the state of the game. As @Cairath said, we had MODs just fine all through early release and those that used it were "sophisticated",. knew the dangers, and knew how to fix each update (or disable while waiting for the mod update). I am fine with downloading from Github and the forums vs steam integration but not fine with it disabled completely.
  18. with the polluted water geyser, seems fertilizer is better choice
  19. sugar is 1.3 tiles. It allows one more module but needs that for oxidizer. So it consumes way more but goes less distance. Also, easier to refuel on other end with CO2.
  20. Your only option would be build the infrastructure, bring back the gold and Al ore you want, and then GTFO with the dupes
  21. it doesn't. The nerfs they made to both made the sugar rocket effectively useless
  22. Thanks for the background. Glad it is being discussed. I agree some official comment from Klei would be good. Is this a 3 week thing or is it off until release (~6 months)? or forever? I get not all mods would be good, but clearly many of yours are QOL that would not break the game. Deconstructable POI is another, although I can use sandbox for that. I hate the limited sweeper arm and motion sensors range for example, research queue, no manual delivery