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  1. I know targeting in DST prioritizes the most threatening enemy near you when you’re using a controller which is pretty cool and works well, but it makes fighting the ancient fuelweaver an absolute nightmare and Ridiculously harder than it actually is. Since fuelweaver is considered the biggest threat, characters will always prioritize attacking him over the woven shadows, basically putting players in an endless loop of fighting his first phase. Feels like he’s impossible to beat without exploits. Can we get a change where you’ll always target a woven shadow even if you’re near fuelweaver?
  2. If you mean background themes there are 2. An Autumn RoG theme and a shipwrecked theme. Don’t know if you can buy them separately but i got them from the Don’t Starve Mega Pack
  3. Beefalo saddle doesn’t lose durability when shaken off by beefalo. While taming my cow he shook the saddle of countless times and it’s still at 100% durability
  4. Glad to see Klei still has love for us console peasants!