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  1. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    I did a mod using this tool years ago and it worked fine. I am a bit rusty though, so when I tried to make another mod this time around I wasn't having such an easy time. I went through all of the files, made sure they were all named properly and even checked to make sure nothing had possibly corrupted. But I have been trying to solve this same reoccurring issue. I click into the game and go to create an offline server to test my character mod, but I don't even make it to the loading screen and I get an error message. "An Error occurred while starting game, check log for details" or something along those lines. But uh... I don't know how to check the log files, so I can't really solve a problem if I don't know what it is exactly. I was just hoping you may have some suggestions? Please help, I would really appreciate it. Been spending countless hours on this...