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  1. Massage Table not working

    Oh okay, so it works this way. I thought it's like "Max stress" for maximum stress he can use it. Nevermind. It's plugged in
  2. Massage Table not working

    So here is my world. I don't know why the clones are not massaging themselves. Clone Dimension Cycle 8.sav
  3. Massage Table not working

    Yeah, everyone has a massage job. How to upload a world?
  4. Massage Table not working

    I forgot to add this: Steps to ReproduceI created a new world and built Massage Table after few minutes. It was not working from the beginning.
  5. Massage Table is not working in my worlds. It has highest priority (9) and all other things have 5. Still, even when the dupes are not doing anything, they won't go to the Massage Table so the stress level is really high. Same happened on my another computer. Am I doing something wrong or is it really bugged?