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  1. That is the idea I just slap a standart vent and set the temperature limit about 25C below the overheat temperature of the miner, for the gas, just pump in anything that you can afford to waste, provided it can actually cool the miners, not heat them up For the side mounted versions you could just dump some gas next to the miner and let the vacuum destroy the coolant, but in my opinion that is just a bit too messy and unreliable, better to not put the miner on walls or ceiling The regolith entombment issue can be solved in different ways, I use a "stairs" setup
  2. Meanwhile thermium does help, it only postpones the eventual overheat of the robo miner (By a few thousand cycles, is my guess) If you dont want to waste thermium on miners and/or you're going for that EXTREMELY long/full automation playthrough, its better to figure out how to cool the robo miners Here is my version, it works, but there probably are better ways to solve this