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  1. Messed-Up Plumbing

    I've never had any issues like that, and my bases tend to end up with fairly intricate piping systems around cycle 250 and on. Could you upload your save file so that people can have a look at it?
  2. Yeah, from what I can tell, the tile is destroyed by pressure damage, so the material is lost. Same as if say you were trying to store too much water in too weak a structure. The most curious thing about it imo is that if you replace a GP tile with a mesh tile and then try to add something to it, the mesh tile gets stuck in a loop of taking constant pressure damage from the building assignment without ever breaking. It doesn't do that if you replace a mesh tile with a GP tile however.
  3. I didn't mean "on top of" as literally meaning above them. I meant it as replacing the GP or mesh tile with a different tile. Pressure bug 1.mp4
  4. @Cheerio nvm, I hadn't played since the update. Loaded up the save where I was having issues and they were working just fine. Looks like the hotfix sorted it out, at least for me.
  5. I've had a lot of problems with air scrubbers too, and just like in this video, turning them on and off doesn't work, but rebuilding them do. It seems to happen mostly when I've saved the game, quite and then load back into a game.
  6. I think I've figured it out after a bit of testing. I've edited my original post to include more accurate information on the bug.
  7. I loaded up the save again and my dupes where happy just building the gas pipes without destroying my insulated tiles with pressure damage. However, I then tried building wires into a different (constructed during the same play -session without restart or reload- if that makes a difference) set of insulated tile and again, those tiles were destroyed due to pressure damage. This leads me to suspect that the bug only occurs for tiles (I've only seen it happen with insulated tiles) built during the same session as the wires or pipes you try to add to it. Haven't tried it with liquid pipes yet, but that might produce the same result.
  8. I've been experimenting with making a farming area, using insulated tiles, gas pumps, thermo regulators and wheezeworts to keep the area at optimal temperatures. While building this, I started noticing that whenever my dupes would try to build gas pipes where I had already places insulated tiles, the tiles would be destroyed. Taking a closer look at them while they're building, I noticed that the game would say the tiles were taking 'pressure damage', hence why I say they are destroyed and not deconstructed. Insulated tiles can still be rebuilt on top of the gas pipes after the pipes have been constructed without any issue. Edit: After putting in some time testing what was happening, I've discovered that the problem seems to be with Gas permeable and Mesh tiles. If you build any other tile on top of them, and then try to build any pipe or a wire inside the new tile, the bug triggers. Saving and loading fixes the problem, even if a dupe is in the middle of building something that caused pressure damage. As a side note, building a Gas Permeable tile and then building a Mesh tile on top of it, then building a wire or any type of pipe into it causes the mesh tile to get stuck in a loop if taking infinite pressure damage without being destroyed, and the construction of the wire or pipe is never finished. The same does not happen if you build Gas permeable over top of Mesh tile then try to build wire or pipe into it, nor does replacing any solid type of tile with another seem to cause any issue. The Bustling Base.sav