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  1. Issue: Don't Starve (set to open in Full Screen) cannot be launched from Steam BPM (Big Picture Mode). The Don't Starve menu music plays but the game windows do not come up front. Troubleshooting: if I click around, alt-tab enough, I can get back to the Steam BPM (It is messy and takes long). If I exit BPM, the game (Don't Starve) pulls up! Please see video attached!! It is a game client issue as the other games work just fine (I have many) Workaround: if I set the game to Windowed Mode, it all works. Platform: MacOS 10.13 (up to date) Steam Dec 20 2017(up to date) The issue persists since many versions. I believe it supposes to be an easy fix as other games do not cause this. Dont Starve Big Picture Mode