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  1. Can't Complete Delusions of Grand Forge

    I can also attest to this one being bugged.
  2. This is remaining a constant issue Klei, and has to be addressed ASAP. This has been an issue reported since beta, and I really don't think you should have launched at all until it was dealt with. This is happening consistently with multiple players. It's getting to the point where I will crash four or five times trying to complete a single round of the Forge, panickedly rushing back into the game in the hopes that I don't let the team down and so my time during the match wasn't completely wasted. Fix it, now.
  3. Molten darts are doing their base 25 damage when equipped on Willow, despite her getting both a "Fire and Explosive" damage buff. The fire staff receives the appropriate damage increase.
  4. Random crash

    I've also been having this issue a lot both today and yesterday in the Forge Beta. No rhyme or reason to when it happens, just the whole game will crash while I'm in the middle of playing a round of the Forge. It has happened at the start of the round after the first few Pit Pig waves, it has happened in the middle during Snortoise and Scorpeon waves, and it has happened right before beating both Boarillas at the end. This has happened while playing as any character. I certainly hope y'all can figure this one out before pushing it to live servers, otherwise a lot of folks are going to be very disappointed during this event. I'm afraid I can't be of much help: these client logs don't even have a hint as to what's been happening. Good luck. client_log (2).txt client_log (3).txt client_log.txt
  5. Bah, all these tiny updates have been frustrating for our little dedicated server. We typically all work at different times so there's almost a day's lag of time before the server owner realizes they need to update...