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  1. thanks for the quick response ! I added what I could but files mast.dmp and caves.dmp appear to not exist. I would also like to note that when I play the new Wx-78 rework beta the game appears to be working just fine.
  2. I am able to play on my world for a bit (like 10-20 minutes or so) afterwards by game crashes and I can't load the world again. It's really annoying, please fix it asap. client_log.txt caves_server_log.txt master_server_log.txt donotstarvetogether_client.dmp
  3. So I was playing with a friend (I should mention that we're playing on the latest release of "Reap what you Sow") and when we both tried to enter the caves, the sinkhole would just take us to a completely different, newly generated world. This is the first time this has happened to me and I'm afraid that we won't have access to the caves thanks to this bug. Is there anything I can do ?