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  1. Hey whats up fellow Kiel members and Don't Starve players. I just uploaded a video on youtube of a Don't Starve Character Guide on "WILSON"! Needless to say, check it out if you are interested! I am just starting out, any support would be appreciated! Lemme know what yall think! =D Video link:
  2. To enter or for more info, the link to my video is here! Hey guys, so I will be doing a Don't Starve base game giveaway. Which I will be giving away this copy of Don't Starve for free! In order to enter you must: 1. Subscribe to me 2. Like this video 3. Comment below your current Steam username (Must be level 5) 4. Make sure to add me on Steam in order to win Enjoy and hope you win! NOTE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN 48 HOURS ONLY!
  3. Deer clops ruined 40 hours of my life

    Its alright guys I bounced back and rebuild my base. And with the help of the first eyeball I got in this world, I made a eyebrella which is super op from the rain and heat. I know how to fight deerclops and kite, infact I can just kite him or I can use the spider queens around me (since im webber) But I didn't know that he spawned yet, cuz my volume was low. I went back to check cuz i dunno if he was comming and when I got back. Base raped.
  4. I spent over good 40 hours in this world building my base, and just as I reach day 100 guess what. Good ol deerclops has to ruin it. Here is before and after deerclops. I swear to god I ran away the second I heared the noise, then I found his not spawning and I ran out to my base and there he was molesting it.
  5. Best don't starve character ever

    Webber is my favorite character out there and possibly the best. I used to main Wilson, but Webber is somewhat similar due to it being able to grow a beard. As Wilson has a balanced gameplay, Webber has more health and hunger but low sanity. Which spices up the gameplay. Also not camping in buffalos and pigs can be really fun. Starting spider wars and using spider queen to fight bosses are very fun and exciting. Personally, I made it the furthest with Webber than any other character, besides Wilson. But I had a better base and much more gear.