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  1. Dry Season No eruption

    It happens occasionally. Idk if it's a bug or not, but the same thing happened to me.
  2. [Game Update] - 307715

    You remove Warbucks and put this pathetic plant in the game instead of him? God. I thought I would never be so salty since I discovered Roc/BFB, but now I'm even more salty than EVER. My dear, dear, lovely Warbucks... Why completely remove him... I'm sad. ;"(
  3. Can confirm. If spider monkey aggros on me, a Wendy, then it won't stop until it loses me even if it is being attacked by Abigail.
  4. I don't think I need to say anything further, the screenshot and he issue title says everything I had to say.
  5. BFB/Roc is dumb

    It's not my fault I run straight into its legs because I had no idea as to where it would land.
  6. BFB/Roc is dumb

    I wouldn't be able to say it better. The first instinct, no matter where - is to "run", not "stand still", when faced with a new slowly approaching threat.
  7. BFB/Roc is dumb

    It happens way too quickly for you to react, doesn't it? Or else I wouldn't be dead and salty on forums. And even if I was quick enough to react, I wasn't fast enough to get out of Roc's way. (tbh i don't even remember what happened anymore)
  8. BFB/Roc is dumb

    I'm guessing that I also got unlucky.
  9. BFB/Roc is dumb

    I understand that this is an uncompromising survival blah blah blah game, but the Roc is the most confusing and unfair mechanic to me. I mean, how many bloody worlds were I supposed to lose to actually found that "if you stand still he won't oneshot you"? I love RoG, i love SW, and they didn't have this stupid "get rekt by a mechanic because the whole game is trial-and-error". Even Volcano things didn't kill you if you were AT THE VERY LEAST wearing an armor, and it was thousand times more obvious how to not lose the whole world and die - and you probably won't even lose the world, because there's a high chance that by the start of Dry Season you would already have found the altar or made a Meat Effigy. I know it's early access for now. I think I forgot to specify that I wanted to not play the Hamlet until they at the very least make the Roc less confusing. "Your so called "high chance of getting one-shot" is your own lack of skill." no shiet, i already said i barely knew how to survive Hamlet threats. But once again - how the hell was I supposed to know that I supposed to at the very least stand still to not get hit by its feet? And once again, how many worlds were I supposed to lose, if only I wasn't so salty to write on a forum about it? At the very least, I have the motivation to try Hamlet again. I still can't believe that I can dislike a DLC for my fav game. And I want Warbucks.
  10. Agreed. I think it'sa bug, because after you restart the game, it loads normally.
  11. I know I'm just a salty bastard but whose bloody idea was to add something that will with high chance just oneshot you? You can barely do anything about it w/out it being as annoying as i don't even know what. I mean, I only got to day 11 because I was having a lot of struggle with Hamlet, and I hate the DLC, I hated it before but still wanted to give it a chance - but nope, the Roc completely killed the chances of me playing this dlc even more. Seriously, am I the only one who thinks that Roc is SUPER dumb??
  12. Ok sounds like a little bit clickbaity but Wendy's thing under the eye twinkles (i hope google translate translated it right, not like it matters tho) when she talks and starts the game.
  13. The game crashes if you try to enable the Ice Flingomatic in RoG+SW world. No mods were used.
  14. Somewhat buggy Hound’s attack

    I have the same bug, sometimes. It may be only one hound or it may be normal wave. On PC, tho.
  15. When somebody (un?)ironically calls themselves a nazi, but they don't even know what socialism/nationalism means. 

    Too bad our man Nazies have a bad reputation because of someone certain clever guy named Adolf. Still accept that I'm a racist homophobic imbecile tho.