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  1. Tfw you sit on the same code problem for two days only to realize "Wait.. I can just put this in one function." and it bloody works.


    Shoot me pls

  2. I can't claim rewards for Facebook and Instagram one, though I subbed on both. Tried unsubbing and subbing again -- when I click "claim" it just sends me to the facebook/instagram page for some reason.
  3. Can't turn off the moisture sanity penalty (SW). I put the code under the local(fn) = function(inst), and copypasted the code there. So the code's But the game ignores it completely. No crash, nothing - I just get the sanity drain. I'm figuring I need a different code for SW? EDIT: Items. Ok, I need a code to remove the sanity penalty from wet items. can't figure it out.
  4. TIL Maxwell's Victorian skin is a reference to Manfred von Karma

    Fav surv with a skin that's a reference to my fav character from my fav game? hell yes

  5. I have the same issue, except that I had mosquitoes set to "none", yet they still spawn.
  6. It happens occasionally. Idk if it's a bug or not, but the same thing happened to me.
  7. You remove Warbucks and put this pathetic plant in the game instead of him? God. I thought I would never be so salty since I discovered Roc/BFB, but now I'm even more salty than EVER. My dear, dear, lovely Warbucks... Why completely remove him... I'm sad. ;"(
  8. Can confirm. If spider monkey aggros on me, a Wendy, then it won't stop until it loses me even if it is being attacked by Abigail.
  9. I don't think I need to say anything further, the screenshot and he issue title says everything I had to say.
  10. Ok sounds like a little bit clickbaity but Wendy's thing under the eye twinkles (i hope google translate translated it right, not like it matters tho) when she talks and starts the game.
  11. The game crashes if you try to enable the Ice Flingomatic in RoG+SW world. No mods were used.
  12. I have the same bug, sometimes. It may be only one hound or it may be normal wave. On PC, tho.
  13. Oh, nevermind, because this was actually because of the mod Screenshot Tools Wasn't expecting that =\
  14. Lmao, I just decided to throw water balloon away and every time my character appear with this thing in hands, game just crashes.
  15. Game just crashes with "attempt to call method "RemoveListener". This is not related to the Forge (probably, but I played normal DST so that's why I think that that isn't because of the Forge). UPD: I checked the log, and it said the same but it said that a water balloon crashed the game the whole time... This thing just was on the ground on my base...