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  1. 6 minutes ago, Lilalaunekuh said:

    We have more than one problem concerning how power is hanled right now:

    1. Our power transformer were to powerful and worked counterintuitively.

    => It makes the game more fun if the provided ingame information matches the capabilities of the building.


    2. There is no single building capable of feeding a fully loaded conductive wire


    before: power transformer + battery

    now: 2 power transformers

    => I think that has some negative impact on our gameplay


    3. We increased the time a smart battery controlled power transfomer needs to do it´s job

    => More heat generation and less space efficiency for our power grids ...

    (Just a problem if your like me and want to "cool" some buildings with 70C hydrogen before burning it, makes my 100% insulated power grid systems less viable)


    4. Power transfomers and batteries shared the same charging/discharging abilties

    => If we fix the power transfomers in that way, "switched batteries" will be more frequently (ab-)used

    1.  The in-game description is actually pretty accurate these days.  Based on the description, we should even be able to add power to a Heavi-Watt line safely from a hamster wheel through plain Wire, so long as the Heavi-Watt is on the 'low' side of the transformer.  It's been described as a 'step up' and a 'step down' transformer in one.

    2.  If we ignore generators.  Otherwise, the Petroleum Generator and Steam Turbine would both like to say hello.  Honestly, I thought it was a minor bug that the battery was required - it didn't make sense to me that it couldn't fully supply the line before without the battery.  (Aside from being a programmer and noticing the 1 kw capacity of the transformer, that is.  That was a big hint.)

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