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  1. The Oil Well is doing alot of weird things. I have mine hooked up to an AND gate which is connected to a Wattage sensor and a Hydro sensor. When I'm watching the Oil Well it works fine, but if I leave to do something else, my Operator will go down and use the Oil Refinery next to it, causing the Wattage sensor to trip and turn off the Oil Well. When he leaves, the Oil Well should kick back on, but when it does, it does not consume water or power, or produce oil, but it does generate NatGas backpressure. While in this bugged state, if my Operator tries to release the backpressure, he'll just stand at the machine, the game will not say he's releasing pressure, but "using" the oil well. I have to toggle the sensors my Oil Well is hooked to off and make my dupe leave, then toggle them back on in order for things to work again, but as soon as I move elsewhere in the asteroid, the bug kicks back in. It might be caused when I adjust the Clock sensor on my Oil Refinery. When I reduce the Clock Sensor's duration to 0 while my dupe is using the Refinery, the Oil Well stops consuming water.
  2. I think the issue may have something to do with how much of the map is revealed. I loaded up a fresh meteor, Cycle 1, no builds, nothing, enabled Sandbox mode, and used the Reveal tool to remove the blacked out areas. The camera was perfectly smooth until I started revealing more than 75% of the map. Once fully revealed, there is a big stutter that occurs once per second while moving the camera. I'm using the current patch, the test maps were all generated with current patch.
  3. The amount of bugfixing that goes on every day is nothing short of amazing, THIS is how you handle an early access game. Klei is a prime example to follow for future EA devs.
  4. What if you took the number of Dreckos you planned on raising, cut the number in half, and use half of them to breed more Glossy Dreckos without shearing them, and have the other half be your shearing dreckos.
  5. My game crashes whenever I paint anything in with debug mode or sandbox mode. I sent in reports, how it gets sorted soon.
  6. They actually eat pincha peppernut leaves from the plant. If you watch dreckos in a cavern with peppernuts, they'll munch on the plant, reducing the plant's maturity.
  7. The creature's info pane tells you the conditions needed to increase the chances of certain morphs being born.