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  1. Something with Death in it. It's what usually happens.
  2. +5 Learning and managable negative traits. Then I dedicate one to Research, one to Build, and one to Dig. 4th dupe same as first 3, but becomes dedicates Farmer + Cook or Rancher + Cook, depending on asteroid.
  3. Make it hard mode only (or some option box to tick) and it'll be a yes from me. I'll be using it, but I agree with Coolthulu, this game doesn't need to be any more daunting to new players.
  4. My vertical access tunnels are built with a staircase design 6 ladders up, tile to the right, 6 ladders up, tile to the left, etc, so that if a dupe drops something, it doesn't go very far, and I NEVER mine slime/bleach stone late in the cycle.
  5. Looks like another unintended mechanic that Klei will patch out eventually. I'd imagine Klei never intended an unpowered fridge to cool anything.
  6. The amount of bugfixing that goes on every day is nothing short of amazing, THIS is how you handle an early access game. Klei is a prime example to follow for future EA devs.
  7. What if you took the number of Dreckos you planned on raising, cut the number in half, and use half of them to breed more Glossy Dreckos without shearing them, and have the other half be your shearing dreckos.
  8. [Game Update] - 266340

    My game crashes whenever I paint anything in with debug mode or sandbox mode. I sent in reports, how it gets sorted soon.
  9. They actually eat pincha peppernut leaves from the plant. If you watch dreckos in a cavern with peppernuts, they'll munch on the plant, reducing the plant's maturity.
  10. I really hope one of these new critters poop phosphorite.
  11. The creature's info pane tells you the conditions needed to increase the chances of certain morphs being born.