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  1. Cooking stations occasionally being ignored

    I also have been having this happen. Let's say I have the cooker cooking mush bars only and it's set on 9 and food box 9... and dupes would just keep delivering water and only water. I would change the priority to both, un-assign and reassign 1 cook, 2 cooks with only cooking and with other jobs... multiple cookers... It has happened in different save files and persists through reboots and reloads, deconstructs and rebuilds. It has power and I have lots of dirt and water available. It is kinda like it isn't really accepting the water being delivered. I also created clean normal temp water source right next to the cooker with a box of dirt.... still no mush bars.... I end up just creating a new map as I have yet to figure out what causes it or how to fix it. Seems random, but something must be happening.... Edit: Re-queuing sometimes allows them to start cooking again.... sometimes...