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  1. Certain objects within the ice biome are not affected by the temperature of the environment. Checking the 'ambient temperature' shows several oddities: a ladder is exceptionally warm, random crops of sleet wheat are warmer than others although they're directly adjacent, and bottled water retains its warmth indefinitely. The sleet wheat is especially problematic because the warm temperature stifles their growth, but I don't understand how they won't cool to match the ambient temperature.
  2. Clothing cannot be picked up from the tile where the duplicant died. Clicking on the garment is not possible. It does not seem to matter whether I 'unequip clothing' as the dupe dies. The dead dupe leaves clothes that you cannot sweep or equip / assign to another dupe. Update: After further gameplay, I think the trigger is the first instance of unequipping clothing from a dying dupe. If a dupe with assigned clothing dies before that, their clothing disappears as expected. But after the first attempt to unequip clothing from a dying dupe, all dupes who die after that will leave their clothing.
  3. I encountered the same issue with a hungry/starving dupe not dying, despite reaching 0% fullness. At first I intended to kill him because his d├ęcor expectation was too high and his stress levels were hard to manage. But he wouldn't die, and he kept operating normally except refusing to eat, even when I adjusted the consumables list to try giving him other food. In the end he became quite useful to my colony, but this zombie state is very broken. Also, maybe it's just coincidence, but my zombie dupe "Max" is a dude with curly orange hair, just like "Rowan" in the post above. Screenshots below show "Max" going from Lvl 14 to 21 while maintaining 0% fullness...
  4. This happens quite often for me, including the consumables and vitals lists... When a new duplicant spawns they fail to appear on one or more list(s), and sometimes a dead duplicant remains on the list. This prevents me from assigning tasks or checking their stress levels. It usually fixes itself when I spawn the next duplicant though.