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  1. After recent update, DST changes from `Chinese` to `English` and found that set to `Chinese` not work any more. Also in the `mods` page, all mods are unchecked and set to check will restart the game but nothing happen.
  2. Slow in new IOS

    After upgrade to `10.15 (19A583)`, game become no response when window switch and after a while it comes back to normal.
  3. Are U Mac? I met same issue
  4. It crash randomly. Quit game without any warning.
  5. Game not response

    Seems today's update fix this issue. Nice work!
  6. Game not response

    Q1 version. Play the game. The screen not response. 破碎艺术 Cycle 19.sav
  7. Event not go to the earth it start to lang and lang. Press AWSD can move the screen, but when mouse move(every time) it will hang the game. It may be some code mistake for the mouse move point?
  8. When upgrade to latest version, load game keeps crashing. Can't open anymore.
  9. oil machine without operator

    It's strange since the priority is already set to 9 and 50% pressure release. Still need I repeat rebuild it. I'm not sure why.
  10. When oil machine is over pressure, there is no people to release it though i set priority to 9.
  11. Hi, I'm not English speaker. may not meaningful of the description. Here is the case. When I build a room to take care of the creature, they may just walk / fly out of the room. I think it's OK for a wild creature. But for the creature which is home taken, it's so strange for go out. I have to build a 3 high wall to prevent the create walk out. But for the fly creature, fly out of door usually happened.
  12. Create world (local mode) -> mods tab -> mod config. Apply will not work. Sample mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1085586145 Config language and apply will not work.